Knee and shin pads kid 10 years old

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3/9/2020 1:21 AM


A friend of mine has a kid of 10 years old and he wants to buy knee and shin pads.
Do you have any suddgestion?

I have tried to see the size chart of fuse protection but the kid size which is 30 - 40( for knee is different from what he measured: 25 - 30.

Thank you for your help


3/11/2020 12:06 PM

he should be good with the shadow conspiracy invisiltes. Size small should fit a 10 year old pretty well. Great under jeans or DIckies..


3/11/2020 9:33 PM

Id check into gform and the shadow pads


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3/12/2020 9:32 AM

look at the MTB market. they will have some kid sizes. my son was racing BMX with Leatt shin, knee pads at 8 and 9 years old.

GForm suck.


3/12/2020 5:17 PM

Soccer shin guards with the ankle protection built in. Far as knee pads, I can’t help ya.