Knee pads at Woodward

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3/12/2013 2:43 PM

If i wear long pants at woodward and wearing shin guards do i still have to wear knee pads?


3/12/2013 3:00 PM

i just wore long pants when i was there in the summer a few years ago and nobody said anything. i dont know if its different now


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3/12/2013 3:05 PM

just wear knee pads... knee pads arent no biggie... the stupid elbow pads suck though


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3/12/2013 3:09 PM

Most of the time they dont notice. But sometimes they go "Hey you wearing kneepads under there?" and if your not they'll just tell you to out them on. You should wear them anyways though. When you go your going to be riding harder than you normally ride and you are going to fall a lot more.