Knee tendonitis! Help please...

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8/13/2015 3:21 AM

Hey guys I have been getting some pretty bad aches and pains in my knees recently! I have been to a mediocre physio who vaguely said that I could have the early knee tendonitis. Has any one suffered from this here before and have any tips on getting rid of it? The pain started off as a dull ache but has gradually gotten worse and worse the more times I go on my bike..Im feeling as though this might be the end for me and biking? Though I have not given up all hope and have done a bit of research and found that some people can recover from it if they do things right... but what is the right thing to do? Are you meant to just put on a knee support or tape your knee up and hope everything recovers? If I do have to buy a knee support I dont have any money so it would have to be a cheap one like this one I have found. or do I just have to not move my knee at all for months?

Help would be super thanks guys!


8/13/2015 4:31 AM

"Avoid activity that causes pain. You may need to practice your sport less often or temporarily switch to a lower impact sport. Working through pain can further damage your patellar tendon."

Honestly, just stop riding for a month or two. Take it easy. Simple as that.


8/13/2015 9:58 AM

Find a sports doctor.


8/13/2015 8:16 PM

give you're bike maybe a month rest and make sure to do everything in that month to make sure it will be good after that month "ice, lots of rest, knee straps etc" if you are still young and still are growing then they can go away! i had something like you but i have no idea how to spell it and i couldnt ride at one point and every time i rode my bmx my knee's would crack and hurt alot, but now that im 17 they are better! sometimes if my knee's do hurt i wear these stretchy tube bandage thing. its better to wear a medium strength one and they only cost like 5 dollars and if i need il put padding underneath it.


8/14/2015 7:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/14/2015 8:17 AM

Step 1: Take a little time off your BMX.

Step 2: Rest a few days or weeks.

Step 3: Pick up a road bike and ride it without hopping stuff. Seriously. Get it sized decently, and just cruise. It's good exercise and will loosen up your ligaments and knees, which can aid in less pain. VERY low impact.

Step 4: I have been told to avoid braces being used for longer periods of time, as they will actually aid in weakening of muscles. Now this is straight from my Doctor about my ankle years ago, and it does make sense. If you have muscles, and you then add something with some support (stretchy bands, etc) eventually those muscles can become more dependant on those supports, thus weakening them. So if you get anything like that, ONLY use it short term if you can (IE ONLY when riding). I have a knee brace that I bust out maybe 2x a year if my knee is giving me trouble.


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