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2/19/2014 11:29 PM

What the hell is with all these shoes latley? I thought shoes were suppose to protect your feet. Its harder than hell to find a decent pair of BMX shoes. You know, ones that dont feel like your just wearing another pair of socks. Last summer I bought a pair of Etnies Mid shoes, they were like Aaron Ross sig. shoes and they were complete garbage. Like a glorified pair of socks. When I bail at 6ft in the air I need some landing gear. Nope, instead I get bruised heals and sore knees. What happened to all the shoes that had air bag cushion and some structeral integrity. Not to many leather or faux leather shoes out there any more. Just these cotton socks with a piece of rubber stitched to the bottom. Things that I look for in a shoe are a Triple stitched Rubber toe or something similar, air bag cushioned heel, durable leather shell. Best bmx shoes I ever owned were the DVS Throttle Hart & Huntingtons. They lasted forever and gave me the cushion and support I needed, where I needed it. Fallen used to make some good shoes but noe they just make cookie cutter sock shoes like everyone else. I never knew shoes could piss me off this much.


2/19/2014 11:33 PM

I don't know, but I've always loved Nike Janoski's for riding. They last ages. They're just regular but super durable shoes and the sole has a small air cushion and the rest of the bottom of the shoe is super thick. Even when you wear the bottom away like when you get those small flaps coming off, the space inside is completely hollow to another layer before the sole. I just Shoe Goo'd those bad boy holes up and was ready for another 3 months! It's the first time I've ever had good shoes that lasted almost a year and a half literally.


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2/20/2014 12:26 AM

Vans Half Cabs All The Way Or Emericas Hermans Or Adidas Busenitz



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2/20/2014 1:27 AM

I just wear skate shoes that i know will work since I also skate, Lakai's, Supra, and Emericas, I never wear Vans, terrible heel protection, but have good grip.


2/20/2014 5:54 AM

I just wear any Nikes that feel good.. Last about 8 months and never have a problems. Hate Supras imo.. Litterally a a thick overpriced sock.


2/20/2014 5:57 AM

i like etnies. running em right now


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2/20/2014 6:28 AM

Half cabs are good. The ones i have now came with some kind of new extra cushion sole so they feel really good when you have to land on your feet


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2/20/2014 6:31 AM

My cinema brake etnies feel pretty good.




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2/20/2014 7:00 AM

Nike blazers. Mine are faux leather, lack the air bag, but the rubber is amazing. It is soooo thick. I agree with you here. What bugs me is the way that little strip of rubber going around the toe always fringes out on the end when you wear doen the shoes a little.


2/20/2014 10:22 AM

dude. cheap vans. theyre the best thing ive rode


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2/20/2014 10:26 AM
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Finally someone agrees. I remember the old shoes were bulky, lasted forever and super padded. I'm not really into the thin cardboard vulc shit that lasts a month or two of skating and riding.


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2/20/2014 10:55 AM

bought ym first pair of etnies barges and so far not impressed. got them in November, and haven't had many chances to ride since it's fucking freezing and snowy here in New England. yet the upper is already tearing away. sole looks fine, but it should seeing as they've hardly seen any action.


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2/20/2014 12:03 PM

Half cabs all day dude. Especially the super-tuff suede ones. Also, if you can find vans Owens hi, chase hawk sig I think, they're ugly as fkk but they feel amazing. No torched ankles.


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2/20/2014 1:14 PM

Almond 1&9. They got some shock absorber thing to reduce heel bruising.


2/20/2014 1:16 PM

Any Vans with a gum waffle sole is the way to go.
Preferably with more padding.

Still last summer I rode some Old Skools for a few days that are paper thin and they held up just fine.


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2/20/2014 2:14 PM

OSIRIS Raiders, or 83's The hi-top versions for ankle support. feel great.

(mine are worn down cuz their my everyday shoe too, but their great for riding, have held up to countless bails.)


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2/20/2014 4:14 PM

etnies maranas are the best shoes I've ever ridden in


2/20/2014 4:55 PM

Half Cabs.


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2/20/2014 4:56 PM

Best riding shoes I ever had were non vulc Lotek Enns. THey lasted like a year. Then I had some vulc Enns' that lasted like 7 months. Now I have a pair of NIghtwolfs, and the seem pretty beefy,


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2/20/2014 5:44 PM

isnowyaznV2 wrote:

I don't know, but I've always loved Nike Janoski's for riding. They last ages. They're just regular but super durable shoes ...more

Yessss i ride janoskis also very good


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2/20/2014 6:26 PM

i skate with janoski's, never thought about riding on them.

i ride using dc wes kremer shoes that was on sale. my heels feel like shit because they're thin as fuck because they were built with board feel in mind.

i have an etnies brakes waiting when my dc shoe dies.


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2/20/2014 7:18 PM

I have no idea what im gonna wear next, I got some brand new Supra Muska Skytop 3 that feel amazing, but I dont wanna mess those up, and some brand new Axion Mandelas that I bought since they went out of buisness I got them super cheap. My Lakai Carroll 5's are freaking awesome, they have a polyurethane insole for shock absorption and the soles grip really good, if you like vans you will love Lakai


2/21/2014 8:45 AM

My leather almond belmont have held up better than etnies mids, some es ones, fms, supras, river island hitops and any other trainers I've rode in. They've been through a summer of working at a car wash (soaked everyday) and riding (I live in a valleys, a.d my feet are brakes) and still yet to have holes in. Not THE comfiest going, but not too bad. Real sturdy and protective round the ankle. The best shoes going. AND I believe our bmx guru topsey owns a pair aswell, which shows I'm not just talkin out my arse. Oh yeah, these almonds are STILL my riding trainers after a 10-12months.


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2/21/2014 8:50 AM

I had Etnies mids I didn't care for them......I rock vans these days but I used to love orchids and soon I think ill end up switching. Back to lotek and buying some 661 ankle braces to ride in aswell


2/21/2014 11:21 AM

Janoskis suck hands down, I've been riding mine for 6 months now and they don't protect your feet at all lol my foot was bruised on the bottom from them. But I like thin shoes and being able to feel my pedals. Right now I've been riding in some nikes (don't remember which) with the lunarlon soles and they feel awesome so far. So much cushion.


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2/21/2014 1:25 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/21/2014 1:28 PM

My osiris were the best I have run lately. I miss Adio. Those were my favorites.

But yea, Etnies suck, Vans super suck, I have the brake shoe and after about two weeks the sole was peeling off and the inside of the heel is wearing out, I have had ONE session in them. I wear them to work (in an office) two times a week and they are crapping out. SUCKS.

So when you find some that don't suck, let me know.


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