LHD VS RHD & Grind Side Preference...???

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9/2/2016 12:50 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/2/2016 12:55 AM

A little confused...They say your supposed to put your drive train/sprocket & chain on the side that is not going to see abuse from grinding.


1. What if you plan on wanting to grind BOTH left and right side...??? Wouldn't the LHD/RHD thing be a moot point than...???

Obviously you can choose which ever side (L or R) you want the drive train to be on depending on comfort, experience and/or just ease of simplicity...right...???

I am right foot forward and wanting to grind both L and R. I see that a lot of PROs that are right foot forward like I am....Have their drive train on the Left Side....BUT...grind both L and R.

Should I put my drive train on the L or R...??? Can I have it on the right...even though most right foot forward PROs/riders have it on the left...???


9/2/2016 2:05 AM

I am right foot forward and have RHD. Even though i would like to have LHD i dont care. It just costs too much for a little benefit.
Even though i only grind on the right side im still fine as it is.


9/2/2016 3:34 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/2/2016 3:37 AM

RHD, left foot forward, left side grind (pref), left hand throwing bars, clockwise whip.
Everything about me plus i spin to the right side (clock)



9/2/2016 4:32 AM

if you ride right foot forward with four pegs you want your drivetrain on the right or natural grind side


ride bikes, have fun


9/2/2016 5:20 AM

If you only use 2 pegs it's better to have your drive on the opposite side. If you run 4, it's better to have the drive on your natural grind side, with the idea being you're less likely to miss a peg or slip off.
But the beauty is, you can set it up how you want it, whatever works best for you


9/2/2016 8:41 AM

I ride right foot forward and grind on my right side with right hand drive always have , haven't rode switch pegs in years but back when I did right hand drive was the best , having left hand drive while doing switch grinds would have been silly their more sketchy so I would have bashed the hell out of my drivetrain at some point


9/2/2016 10:04 AM

Well my theory is that if i grind left side most of the time and rarely right side i prefer RHD simply because bashing it sometimes won't kill me.
Also guarded sprockets so i don't mind destroying that...

I might be completely wrong so don't listen to me.



9/2/2016 10:26 AM

My preferred / natural side for grinding is my RIGHT.

Since I am wanting to grind both L and R (I.E. 4 Pegs)...From what you guys are suggesting…I should put my drive train on my Right…correct…???

This confuses me…because a lot of the pros I watch/look after…are right foot forward also and obviously grind both Right and Left.

BUT…I can tell that most of these PROs ‘natural/preferred’ grind side is their right because that's the side you see them grind most (80% or 8/10 grinds) in their video parts…and yet...their drive train is on the LEFT.

So…I don’t get it…Either they prefer their Left for grinding and I am obviously wrong…OR…they don’t have a preference for either L or R for grinding and therefore choose to put their drive train on whatever side they feel is best (i.e. Left)

Some of the PROs I am referencing about:

Chad Kerley, Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany, Caleb Quanbeck, Kriss Kyle…list goes on.


9/2/2016 10:59 AM

You want your drivetrain opposite your preferred grind side. If you grind left side go rhd, if you grind right side go lhd. This applies to 4 pegs also.


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9/2/2016 11:12 AM

Doesnt matter what side its on, you can do either or on whatever side.



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9/2/2016 12:06 PM

"prefered side" is exactly what it is. It's preference, no different to preference in bar width. They set their bikes up how they want to, whether they have a specific reason for it or not is kind of irrelevant, as you should set your bike up how you want, not how other people do.

Just ride pegless, and be sad and forever alone


9/2/2016 12:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/2/2016 12:48 PM

I ride left side pegs and right foot forward. I never got the hang of right side grinding, so I'll master left side before I try right side.


9/2/2016 2:12 PM

tomdon wrote:

You want your drivetrain opposite your preferred grind side. If you grind left side go rhd, if you grind right side go lhd. ...more


When I first got into BMX Freestyle...I was really confused and didn't know why certain riders rode the way they did. But after researching and looking at many videos...It seems clear and simple...

2 Pegs = Drive train opposite preferred grind side.
4 Pegs = Drive train opposite preferred grind side.

Looks like Left Hand Drive it is.


9/2/2016 4:18 PM

heres my 2 cents again because it is on your non preferred side when you want to learn them it will be easier to fuck it up, where as if its on your preferred side its still likely to get destroyed but not as much if you run full guards but because its your preferred side you will be better and less likely to hit your driver,sprocket etc


ride bikes, have fun


9/3/2016 2:07 AM

I've been thinking about it and i think there is no better or worse side in this situation...
on primary side quality of grinds will be better but also quantity will be higher while on the opposite side quality will be worse but you will also grind it less (otherwise you wouldn't call it primary side)
But you will 100% bang it on both sides so fuck it.

Have fun and do whatever makes you happy and/or feel better.




9/3/2016 2:22 AM

This thread is unecessarily complicated.

Natural grind on the right, 2 pegs. Natural grind on the right, 4 pegs. = Left side drive.
Natural grind on the left, 2 pegs. Natural grind on the left, 4 pegs. = Right side drive.

Think of the side you grind more on. Put your drive opposite to that side.


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9/3/2016 3:14 AM

It really makes a difference when you start doing crooked or crankarm grinds.


9/3/2016 4:23 AM

readybmxer wrote:

This thread is unecessarily complicated.

Natural grind on the right, 2 pegs. Natural grind on the right, 4 pegs. = Left side ...more

Yes that's also my theory but i was just pointing out that the other guys also had a good point so at the end of the day both should work out...
But also good mention of crankarms by "vie4130" in which case i would definitely go oposite from prefered side (left fav ->RHD, right fav ->LHD)

whatever... i'm no expert on this so i better stfu.