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BrutalHero BrutalHero
10/29/2016 11:42 AM

Hello, I started my BMX adventure barely 3 months ago. I was on a break of 3 years. Back then I didn't try to do tricks as I wasn't thinking about tricks. After a 3 year break I picked up a Stolen Wrap 2010 Full Chromo bike for 150 euro. I didn't know much about bikes so I was lucky for buying that bike. I didn't even know what chromoly is.

So let's hop on the story. I started doing tricks and I had really low hopes, They all seemed difficult and scary in the beginning. I didn't have a plan or anything, I was just driving around the town doing random stuff. My first month was me driving and doing some bunny hops, I was trying learning different tricks but I wanted to get the bunny hop settled, So I did, It took me 2 weeks being able to bunny hop over 2 stairs. The 2nd month consisted of me trying to do Footjam Tailwhips without hops, I noticed no progress but I kept on trying and I managed to land my first Footjam tailwhip 10 days ago and It felt like heaven.

Learning the fakie: It took me around 25 days but it was weird because 24 days I couldn't do shit and on the 25 day I managed to land 4-5 fakies in a row with 180 fakie outs. I started to land fakies after me and my friend made a homemade ramp and jumped a lot. I don't know what changed but probably I overcame my fear of going backwards by jumping off ramps? I don't know. But it took me around a month to learn a proper fakie/fakie out and land them consistently.

Learning 180s: I haven't fully learned 180s yet but I am able to bunnyhop into a 180 easily the problem is I couldn't continue backwards but I haven't tried since I learned the fakie and it took me 2 days to learn how to bunnyhop into a proper 180.

Learning Bunnyhops and Hops: I am still working on those as the only progression right now is doing them consistently and Higher. I could manage and jump over 3 stairs but I can't find a way to jump higher but it will come with time.

Learning the Footjam: Learned this is no time took me like 4 tries.

Learning the Footjam Tailwhip: Still can't land it consistently because I put my leg down but it all comes down to balance and weight.

Learning Manual: I haven't trained this a lot but I am able to manual 2 parking lots. I have only practiced a little bit and only when I am on the street traveling

The only problem that I have and I would like tips from you guys is Hop to Footjam and Hop to Footjam Tailwhip. I don't know how to do them and how to properly hop into that state. Keep in mind I am only training for 3 months so I am happy with my progress so far.!

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