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6/10/2018 1:31 AM

Aight so I am finally deciding to build my own shit. It's 100 degrees in NOLA and I work a full time job so looking for spots and going out of the way is a no go. Luckily for me there's a cluster of abandoned houses right in my backyard. Have been abandoned since Katrina and nobody is buying them because it's Uptown New Orleans aka the hood.

Anyway, I'm trying to find generators and lights to light the bitch up so I can ride when i get off from work. Looking for recommendations on brands and shit I guess.


6/10/2018 1:35 AM

I think the best option you have is buying a used generator, I don't really know much about this stuff yet but there's a few guys on here who I think will know.



6/10/2018 3:00 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/10/2018 3:01 AM

I’ve got a couple rechargeable led floodlights I got at a hardware store , still need to get some more of them before they start paying off though


6/10/2018 9:16 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/10/2018 9:17 PM

I just got a ridgid 3 way foldout led floodlight that runs for like 10+ hours on a 20v drill battery and also has an attachment for plugging into your car port for like 135.99. I too get off work super late and don't enjoy baking in the sun so I wanted to light shit up too. I especially like that it folds out 3 ways so I can light the run up, main spot, and landing with one light



6/10/2018 11:07 PM

I like hearing people ride at night too, its awesome finding a lit spot or makimg it a lit spot and not having to worry as much about traffic. You do occasionally run into some strange characters though...but we are also strange to them so it cancels out and we both instantly decompose.


6/10/2018 11:13 PM

I saw some nice ass led lights and i was down to get them. Then my girlfriend reminded me we live in New Orleans aka Hurricane City aka Power out when the wind blows. She said a generator would be a good idea for that type of shit so it's a win win. Plus like i said, it's for one spot that i plan on building. BUT... Those led lights might get got too. I might try to build a private Park over there. Lol