Looking for input on kids BMX - possibly 18"?

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4/9/2016 9:49 AM

After a recent MTB trip to Santos in Ocala where my kids spent a lot of time on the pump tracks and jump area, they now want a BMX bike like Dad. I ride a 24" WTP. My kids are 7 & 9, both between 48" - 54", but rather thin. I'm looking at an 18" because I think 16 and 20 are too small and too large for them right now. I'm wanting them to enjoy it and learn bike handling and easy tricks first. If the bike is too big, I think they won't get into it as much. I'm also looking at the aluminum framed Cult Juvenile CC18 because of its weight. Any feedback on both size and bike manufacturer is much appreciated!


4/9/2016 11:22 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/9/2016 11:23 AM

Most kids bikes weigh a ton. The cult isn't much lighter than anything else on the market.
My son's 7 and I just got him an 18", it's about right for him but I can see him outgrowing it within a couple of years. So your 9 year old might be better off with a small 20" wheel bike.
You should get them to a shop to try the difference between the 2 and go from there


4/9/2016 11:34 AM

Steve is right, you should really size them up at a shop.

The 7 year old could either ride a 16" or an 18" - it really depends on how confident he is with either, and how much control you want him to have over the bike now. If you put him on the 16" he's more likely to learn faster and have more control over the bike at the park. He can probably still get on an 18" and ride it, but might not be able to get the front wheel off the ground and stay in control.

For your 9 year old, and 18" may still be an option depending on how big he is. It's kind of an in between age as well where he could go either way. Perhaps you could also look in to a bike with a 20" wheel, with a smaller 18.5" frame like the United Recruit JR.

The Cult 18 is very nice with the aluminum frame it's quite light. Size is more important than weight though, so make sure they get sized up right!



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4/9/2016 11:51 AM

Thanks to you both. My daughter is the 9 year old, and my son is 7. As Chris mentioned, one of my main concerns is them being able to learn faster and have more control. I'd rather them be in more control now and get a 20" later on. We only have one local shop, and he only has regular sized 20" - they are too big. As I mentioned before, they are both tall and lanky, so I think they would have a hard time maneuvering anything bigger than the 18". I might have to travel to a shop if I can find one within a couple of hours.


4/9/2016 12:31 PM