Lotek eddies??

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6/30/2010 7:30 PM

Im gonna needa new pair of shoes soon. Right now i have vans tnt mids and they are wearing really fast. the sole is bald in one spot. I do a lot of foot jams and i ride brakeless. how are the lotek eddie shoes, do they hold up good. I would like to get atleast 6-8 months out of a pair of shoes as they are like $100 a pop. I am also considering nike 6.0's how do they hold up/last?


6/30/2010 7:40 PM

love my 6.0's



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6/30/2010 8:02 PM

I love my shreddies!
Get them


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7/1/2010 12:48 AM

i've never owned a pair of the eddies but i have owned a bunch of other loteks as well as a few pairs of 6.0's. The lotkes have always seemed to last longer. the nikes are good shoes and all just don't seem to last as long. hope that helps a lil.


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7/1/2010 2:40 AM

Loteks are looking good..ima get a pair for my next shoes


7/1/2010 7:29 AM

i had nike mogans for a few months, there real comfortable and grip good and lasted long but i outgrew them.


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