Need help with lower cables for London Mod

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1/12/2016 8:01 AM

Every bike store I go to in person and online is out of the black Snafu Astroglide lower detangler cables (even Snafu's own site). Do any of you guys know a site where I can order these?

And if not do you have a suggestion on what brake cables are best to "make" into lower dual cables for a London Mod? I'm not afraid of a little elbow grease to make my own cables, but I need everyone's help on what I need and what to do exactly.

Also if you know of any similar products like the Snafu Astroglide lower detangler cables in "black" that would help too!

Note: I already have the Odyssey London Mod mount, I am just out of black Snafu Astroglide lower detangler cables.

Thank you for your time smile


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1/12/2016 9:35 AM

Just two slic cables should be all you need. Provided your brakes use two pinch bolts.


1/12/2016 10:08 AM

The brakes I use on this bike are the Odyssey Evo II brakes.


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1/12/2016 11:25 AM

Some people use mountain bike shifter cables.

They're a bit more expensive i think, a bit thinner as well so there is less friction... in theory.

Make sure you get the high quality ones.


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1/12/2016 11:33 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/12/2016 11:38 AM

I use standard derailleur cables, in the US they are around 3-5 dollars each (for the inner wire) and then derailluer housing as well. I worked in a shop when I set them up so I got it with a discount.

You need a smaller head on the inner wire to fit on the gyro. D or E in this image would be best for the lower cables on a gyro.


Housing is less important for that part, you can use linear housing, regular brake housing or derailluer housing without issue. Just make sure both cable housing pieces are the same size, and the cables are as close to even as possible when snugged. When you have them on and everything tight, grab your brake lever HARD a few times to settle the cables, stretch them, and bed them in a little in the housing. You likely will need to readjust the cables to correct your brake pull to your liking. You will also have around 7 barrel adjusters throughout the rear brake system. Leave them all tight (all the way into their respective threads) UNTIL you have everything set up and have stretched the cables and readjusted them some, and use the barrel adjusters for fine tuning.LUBE THE CABLE AND HOUSING. I used Bike Aid (It is a dry Moly Lube) and have used straight grease before. (If you live in wet areas and are in the rain a lot, use a thicker lube or grease on the cables, if you are in a drier area, use a thinner lube, chain lube works well too.)


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1/12/2016 12:00 PM

Thank you all very much for the advice smile it will indeed help me consider my options and what to do.


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