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1/1/2014 7:50 PM

Sorry for double thread replies. This is a serious one.

Mattias Dandois is off Odyssey. More people getting dropped/quit! No real reason why.


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1/1/2014 7:51 PM

I must be way out of the loop or just haven't seen much from him cause his name is all new to me -____-


1/1/2014 7:53 PM

I thought I'd heard a while back he was gonna start a flatland company with some other rider


Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.

1/1/2014 7:55 PM

wasnt he on flatware, not odyssey


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1/1/2014 7:58 PM

He was on Odyssey. I love how he got streetflat style out there to everyone. His edits were amazing . He was actually the first flatland rider poster on my wall. He joined Haro , eehh , but leaving Odyssey is big !


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1/1/2014 8:15 PM


Matthias was on Flatware, But He was riding for A Company He started with Uchie (Look Him Up AMAZING Flatlander!) callled SuperB Which was produced by Ares & Quickly taken over by them too actually! He rode waaaay more Odyssey Branded Parts than the Flatware & with the Rise of Streetland He quickly moved from the Flatware Team onto the Odyssey Team. Odyssey have dropped Flatware & are producing limited amounts of Flatland Orientated Parts under the Odyssey Name I.E the 38mm Lincoln Stem, Frequency G Tyres etc!

Odyssey never really made anything of Matthias tbh, Picked Him up at the peak of his popularity & then he never got a Signature Part or even a Signature Fucking Colour!!! It doesn't surprise Me in the slightest tbh. He got picked up by Haro & was slowly moving away from the Odyssey Branded Parts. For a LONG Time he was running Primo Strand & Strand V2 Forks! Haro are making the push next year with a whole new line of Parts, Matthias has been testing a few things, So He will be riding more Haro Parts for SURE! I'm not really sure what he will do for things like a Freecoaster or Wheels for that matter?! But Having No Parts sponsor means He can Pick & Choose!


1/1/2014 8:26 PM

He had signature bars by SuperB but it got turned into a corporation or someone bought it (I heard) so he left that. I know Odyssey makes great parts but he wasn't really on Flatware , considering they are Odyssey and whatnot. It was a shame he didn't get any signature part because even though I don't ride streetflat , I'd pick up a pair of grips or a stem or something if it had his name on it . Pretty weird , leaving Odyssey. Haro aren't my thing , but whatever if they treat him good. He deserves a frame !


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1/1/2014 8:33 PM

Yeah, Ares Bykes were Manufacturing SuperB & then for whatever reason Ares took them over & kinda Merged the Superb Frame into their Product Line it's called the S-Kill now. They sold out or didn't have majority share or something?! Who Knows! But Yeah he split ways with Ares Bykes. I mean He has come A LONG way! KHE, A Bad Thing, SuperB, Haro & His only real Parts Sponsor was Flatware/Odyssey!... I'm pretty He will find someone to hook him up with Parts soon enough!


1/1/2014 8:53 PM

Man, I've been watching Matthias before I even started BMXing, haha. I watched flatland before street but never had any real interest.


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1/1/2014 11:33 PM

isnowyaznV2 wrote:

Man, I've been watching Matthias before I even started BMXing, haha. I watched flatland before street but never had any real ...more

If I had money , I'd make a street - flat bike and shred it. Surrey weather is ALWAYS raining besides summer , so if I could at least go find a small area off the ground to ride flat , that'd be sick. I live in an apartment and sometimes I'll ride in the underground parking lot but the roof is maybe a head height above mine when I'm on a bike , so you can only basically manual and footjamsad What can you do I guess.


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1/2/2014 9:35 AM

Brayden... STREETLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can just make MINIMAL! changes to You current Bike to do it!!!...

Minimal Offset Fork
Shorter Reach Stem
*POSSIBLE* Bars with 3Up - 6Back
Longer Seat Post
Smaller Sprocket - 22t or 23t/9t Gearing is Prime!
Shorter Cranks Help Too! 160mm/165mm
Narrower Tyres .. With Streetland You Still Want Bigger Than The "Norm" In Flatland! 2.0" or 2.10" Is Prime!
FREECOASTER HUB!!! - Super, Super, SUPER Important!!!
And Finally ... 4 Pegs! Preferably 4.25" to 4.5" So You Have More Foot Room To Move Around! AND The Plus Is You Have More Room To Grind!!!

You Do NOT Need ALL of that, To Start You WILL Need a Freecoaster & 4 Pegs! If you work towards getting all of that list & then You want to look into a smaller Frame.

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