Maxxis Grifter

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6/14/2015 10:33 PM

How thick are the sidewalls and how long lasting are they? I've been grinding a lot lately and know these are good. I would just like to know how well they take street abuse.


6/15/2015 4:53 AM

Really thin, and I don't know because I ran them for about a week before I decided I hated them.

I can't really give you a good reason why I hated them. They were fast, light and sticky, but I almost think they were too light. The bike felt really weird in the air with them, almost like there was no feedback/resistance when I was rotating.

Of, and they sound really weird on concrete. It's a very high pitched buzz that was distracting.


6/15/2015 8:15 AM

Rarely hear anything bad about them in fact I've heard mostly praise and also they held up to grinding as long as it wasn't concrete ledges


6/15/2015 8:21 AM

get some rizers devon smillie rode them while he rode for maxxis, i'm sure he grinded a lot on them