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6/28/2016 12:08 AM

Had a good day today , woke up and had the house to myself so I drank some root beer - beer and watches TV then a buddy phoned and we went to a park called Railside , it's pretty sick . Rode there for a bit as just a chill session and went over the bars and messed up my knee so it kinda put an end to my session but I got my buddy James to come , and he brought his buddies. There was like 25 bikers there and it was awesome . Corey Walsh who's sponsored by Cult came with his own ramp and it's like my height , and it put it in the bowl and made his fly out with it and even jumped into the bowl from it . Corey fucking BOOSTED , he goes so high , videos don't do justice . Snuck some pictures when I was sitting down , and my buddy James too .




Also met Adam Piatek , didn't even know it was him but he's fucking insane , did crazy lines like a bar - manual - 180 bar across the whole park . But he sent a huge tuck no hander like 10 feet tall from the bowl into a hip . He's nuts . Everyone was super nice and even the people not pro were killing it . Went on a friends bike and got coaster lines and ya it was awesome today . Biking is the best .


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6/28/2016 1:08 AM

Awesome! Sounds like you had a good day!

I don't like seeing good riders, it makes me feel like I'm shit and will never get better haha. It's always good when you see them find new lines, or do something you didn't realise was possible though!

I'm going to the source skatepark in Hastings on Thursday, mainly to buy a stem. I might have a nibble in the plaza section. But the bowl there is huge. There's a nice outdoor concrete park too so if the weather's good I might go there instead. Hastings has always had loads of good riders, so I'll probably go wherever is quieter!


6/28/2016 1:19 AM

Honestly Corey Walsh will probably be the best biker I'll see in my life . Dude is an absolute nutter , he fucking SENDS it . The amount of airtime and style he has is funny . He's like a Tommy Dugan , same height but with the flow of Brian Foster or someone . And Adam Piatek just killed the street section , that guy has lines that would make Chad Kerley stress haha . Looked so easy to him . When he did the manual 180 bar into a bank , he had enough speed to land flat if he wanted , and spun the bars so fast he could probably manual 180 double bar even to flat ! Best part was they're all super nice guys I bought a bunch of his buddies a bag of chips to eat , got one for myself and one to share they seemed happy. My friend James sends it too , the guy can blast a hip , dip 3 a spine , transfer anything possible in the park , and he gets on Adams bike and does crazy street stuff too , crankflips , barspins and bunch of grind combos , he's a gongshow himself all while being super nice and humble. James can ROAST just as well as Corey I'd say , dude went into the fucking atmosphere today .

Seeing people ride good is super fun , they're usually awesome people as well . I don't feel bad it gets me motivated . If I was half as good as Adam I'd be happy . He sent the biggest tuck no hander I've ever seen , like , it was fucked . Can kill a bowl just as much as street . The source park looks awesome , what stem you getting ? Go and mess around , being a helmet and if you're feeling something send it , worst happens you fall but you got a helmet so whatever. It was busy at the park we had but that good guys were riding the bowl and my friends had the street part so it worked perfectly


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6/28/2016 1:39 AM

Yeah one of my friends is still really good, he's always been amazing. But I've slowed down so much since getting older that I feel like I've lost pretty much everything I used to be able to do! Even watching him makes me feel shit haha. I used to know a couple of sponsored people and my friend and I were as good, if not better, but we didn't want to kiss ass to get free stuff haha.
I'm getting the fly central stem. I want a little more rise, and love the look of it.
I don't own a helmet, but I've seen a few things in the plaza I want to try. I'm more worried about destroying my joints than hitting my head! The concrete park is probably the gnarliest bowl in the UK, skaters come from all over the world because it feels like a sketchy old school bowl apparently. I'll be happy with a couple of manual lines and pedal grinds though


6/28/2016 9:03 AM

Chocolate Truck had a huge street jam Saturday in was like a few hundred people. The shit dudes were doing was insane because all the different crews from PA/NJ came out. It can be overwhelming seeing that many people do insane shit but it was fun as hell.


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6/28/2016 11:23 AM

tony hamlin, ricky lopez and merritt crew all have been coming up to my hood and riding even gave one of the locals a bike. our spots are untouched by outsiders except them because theyre not scared to ride the ghetto


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6/28/2016 11:41 AM

Sounds like a good time to me!

I love meeting new riders and shredding with em. Nothing is more motivating than doing something and seeing the pros you look up to clapping for ya and being stoked on it!

One of the better moments like that for me was riding Mankato MN YMCA park (as seen in Road Fools 8) in the mini with Tom Haugen. He was shredding it like no other, then I took a run and barred over the little roller hump next to the spine and he thought it was good enough to clap. Sounds silly, and I've done a bajillion barspins over the years, some were more nuts than that by a long shot, but just the fact that a top level rider thought it was good made me happy.

Forever stoked on that moment in my BMX life.

I also remember getting a few MN dudes including Seth Peterson (who rode for and might still ride for Sunday) to shout "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" back in the day when I landed a no footed barspin up a roll in. I did a one footer bar and Seth told me to try it no footed, 6 tries later I landed it with that response.

Another of the coolest moments in my BMX life.


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6/28/2016 2:07 PM

Dean hearne and nick cox were jealous of how low I used to go through trails. That's my claim to fame right there


6/28/2016 4:09 PM

Congrats Brayden, sounds like you had a blast dude.

My most recent experience with pros was when the Odyssey team came to Miami (check out the video its nuts), got to meet Broc, Aaron,Gary, Tom, Travis, Matt, and Justin Spriet. I made a thread about it somewhere on the forum, but anyway the experience was something else between helping Aaron Ross talk down the local cops to sessioning a grind box and flat rail in front of my buddy Calum's house with all the local riders.

The most memorable experience I had were two:
When I was talking to Aaron Ross about how we ride the same and told him I can do feeble-whips, i then did one in front of him and the the reaction I got was priceless.

The second was when Travis Hughes was doing a feeble to 360 on a grindbox , I was following close behind him and accidentally one uped him by doing a feeble to 360 icebonk out. He looked at me and I said "sorry man I didn't mean to do that". Travis was just highfived me and said "dude that was sick".


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