Mini or Elite?

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9/15/2013 8:23 PM

I ether want profile mini 3/8 for street or profile elite for street 3/8 which one is better?


9/15/2013 8:29 PM

Why do you want them? Just curious.

& Mini for sure. Elite's are race hubs only. You can ride light park with them but they're not meant for street, although some people do, I would not advise it.


9/15/2013 8:31 PM

i need a new front hub for my rim cause my n4fl v1 sucks dick


9/15/2013 8:33 PM

minis - cheaper. fuck em both though. both expensive


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9/15/2013 8:35 PM

Oh front, well they're really similar. Not the exact same cause I think there's some differences in the axle measurements & how the shell looks, but generally speaking they're pretty close so either one would be fine. No idea about pegs but both hubs have aluminum center axles with chromoly bolts, so it should be fine.

If you want a pure street hub I'd check the BSD Front street hub


9/15/2013 8:35 PM

get a gsport marmoset!!!


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9/15/2013 8:37 PM



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9/16/2013 5:49 AM

There's really no difference , basically shell design. Elites are supposed to have better bearing, I'll check mine but I think they are the same. There is also the Totem. Difference is Elite has the logo carved into the shell, Totem have it painted on...other then that, same exact design. The BSD is also a very solid hub, if you are peg heavy these are highly recommend. The BSD also have a similar look in shell design as the totem and elite. All are very good , BSD saves you the most money. Either way, get guards too.



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9/16/2013 6:01 AM





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9/16/2013 8:09 AM

Get a Javelin. I miss mine so much. The damn things spin forever, and they're so beefy and smooth!


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9/16/2013 8:38 AM

I have 2 mini ss 14 mm hubs I love them lasting well