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5/25/2013 8:39 PM

Whats your first modded part of your bike? I got my local bike shop to grind down an Gsport GLAND to fit my hub


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5/25/2013 8:45 PM

I've modded a few parts in my day. Bored a gland to fit a coaster, home made wedge post, recovered seats, metal pins for pedals, cut sleeves to be flush with pegs, filed threads on animal hubguard to work as pressfit, whitewalled tires myself, cut bars & steerer tube. Not sure what else I've done


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5/25/2013 9:41 PM

cut bars & steerer tube for starters.. awhile back I had to mod my headset cap slightly by shaving the bottom of the outer area cause it scraped my headtube due to being ovalized slightly.. Since 2008 I've ridden my front wheel's grind side spokes inward laced to prevent grind damage. Since then I've broken a max of 3 of them and still run the other original 33, shit works well. had to mod my Cult hub guard and now Animal front guards to fit thread on hardware using spacers, cut down my old hub's axle cause I stripped the end of it, poked holes in pc pedals for metal pins for more grip.. cut my seat post at an angle & used an old wedge from a quill style stem to make a wedged seat post, used spacers in my demolition anorexia hub behind the driver to prevent blowouts somehow, and finally I'm guilty of making my hub louder via various methods such as doubled springs, tightened springs, jamming the springs, & probably other shit I can't think of right now

this one needs singled out cause it's way too funny to me that I thought it would work.. about 3 years ago I did a no footed cancan over a box jump and slipped pedals and landed right on my seat, snapping it.. well for some reason I thought jamming chainlinks in the bottom where it was snapped at and also hammering nails into it would fix it. what the fuck haha. it did a little bit, but inevitably, I got a new seat.


5/25/2013 10:24 PM

cut bars
cut flanges off if that counts
converted a 14mm primo mix axle to a 3/8th. done by zodiac engineering


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5/26/2013 3:43 AM

Cut bars,
Cut fork steerer
Defanged grips
Couch modded stem
Split face plate on stem
Modded an untied guard to suit my ratchet,
Metal pins for plastic pedals back when I was gay and ran plastics
Filed dropouts


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5/26/2013 5:28 AM

The only thing I have done as an adult was to reshape the teeth on my 10t Ratchet driver so the 1G8 would work on it.

As a kid, we used to take the Coaster brake type hubs and mod them to make them to where can pedal backwards. Funny thing is, if you roll back, you don't have to back pedal. I completely forgot about this until now. Pretty sweet, actually, as long as you had a decently strong hubshell. Mine was a Mongoose Moto Mag wheelset, so they were pretty stout wheels for the time, haha. We modded other things as well. If it didn't fit or work, we made it work. Times were simple, we just jumped anything we could.


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