Mongoose Legion L100 Weight

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8/14/2018 2:35 PM

Okay. I bought myself an almost complete ChroMoly bmx. I owned a 2017 Kink Launch and I started to progress into more advanced bmx, but when I did, the bike also progressed.. into a bike that keeps breaking every time I used it. So, I bought the L100 because it's full Chromo.. should hold up to advanced bmx and street, and I can upgrade it in the future while keeping the Chromo such as the frame, bars, cranks and replacing others that break or just because I have the money. So the bike comes in as 26-28 pounds as others say. What could possibly make this bike a bit heavier than others.. It's almost full Chromo, so why is it on the heavyish side? What parts could be making this bike heavy? I don't think it's the frame or forks or anything like that.. Could it be the wheels, or some people say the rubber tires are a bit heavy. And would upgrading new parts on this bike make it lighter or may just make it heavier?


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8/14/2018 2:48 PM

Don't worry about weight, chances are that they added some material to make the frame and parts stronger which lead to it being slightly heavier.



8/14/2018 2:48 PM

Wheels and tires are the most important weight on a bike


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8/14/2018 2:49 PM

Brakes, pegs, thick tubes/thick tires all contribute. Someone with more knowledge than me can chime in about the weight difference between Hi-Tensile and Chromoly, but I can't imagine it's THAT noticeable.

I will say, 26-28lbs is pretty light for a 20" bike. I run a 21.25" TT black magic (which is already a pretty heavy frame) a gyro, rear brake, 4 pegs, 10" bars and a freecoaster. My bike probably weighs around 31 or 32 lbs.

Are you noticing that it's much heavier than your Kink? If so, it might just take some getting used to.

Upgrading parts most likely won't make your bike heavier unless you go from say, 165mm cranks to 175mm. Or if you go from an unguarded sprocket to a guarded one. As should be obvious, more material equals more weight. Was your Kink a shorter top tube by chance?


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8/14/2018 2:51 PM

I would say, the tires make it heavy, pretty much all stock 65 psi tires are heavy as shit.

The seat could be adding to the weight if its a steel post.

That is probably it, i mean even though its a full chromo bike doesnt automatically make it lighter. My fully aftermarket build weighs 26 lbs (according to a bathroom scale) so weight shouldnt really be too big of a concern... Here's my bike to prove it,,27/My-freecoastin-Soundwave,1319828

And 26 lbs includes the brakes if you're wondering.

But if you've got money to blow throw some loghter tires on it...


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8/14/2018 3:32 PM

TheDarkEnergist wrote:

Brakes, pegs, thick tubes/thick tires all contribute. Someone with more knowledge than me can chime in about the weight ...more

My kink tube was 20.75 and the L100 is 21. Slight difference


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8/14/2018 3:36 PM

HondaCRFRacer wrote:

I would say, the tires make it heavy, pretty much all stock 65 psi tires are heavy as shit.

The seat could be adding to the ...more

Okay I figured. It's not like a huge issue, I'm just babying about it.


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8/15/2018 10:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/15/2018 10:46 AM

The tubes are very thin
The 2018 frame is actually noticeably lighter than the 2017
The 18 bars are lighter than the 17
The cranks are not the lightest
The tires are pretty heavy
The rims and wheelset in general is pretty heavy

The fork is the same as last years model as far as I can tell and it is pretty heavy.

Im sure some parts that are typically butted are straight gauge on this bike.

You will notice lighter tires the most. Get some kevlar bead lightweight tires and it will feel like a whole new bike!


8/15/2018 11:27 AM

Not going to be able to make it much lighter but don't worry about that and just have fun. It's still a fully capable bike especially with upgrades.

The biggest reason I don't ride it anymore is because the size. I didn't like the 21'' TT and went back to a 20.5''.


8/15/2018 12:43 PM

Even though it's chromoly, it won't be the same quality as aftermarket parts. So, it won't have any special engineering processes that help save weight without sacrificing strength. The double wall rims and hubs are probably really generic, with no intricate strengthening/weight reducing design features, etc etc. It's definitely a good bike for the money, just don't expect full custom build quality from it.

There's little things you can do to save weight. If it's got a steel seat post, swap it for aluminium and cut it down if you slam your seat. Cut the bars down to your desired length and you'll save a few grams. Get lighter tyres. If it comes with a half link chain, bin it and get a full link 410 or even 510 chain. Etc. Lots of little things can equal quite a difference.

Geometry is usually more noticeable than a little weight though. So if you're new bike is longer, it will feel harder to do stuff on until you're used to it