Mongoose Legion L80 vs. Mode 900

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7/1/2016 11:29 PM

Hello, I'm just getting back into riding again and looking at these two budget bikes. I'm trying to choose between the Legion L80 and the Mode 900. I can't really decide which is the better deal.

I can find both at the same price pretty much.

The parts seem to be better on the L80 but it does have hi-ten forks/bars and the rear part of the frame is hi-ten I think too since it's trimoly, but everything is mostly sealed.

Whereas the 900 has full chromoly frame/bars/forks with worse parts.

What do you guys think is the better one to start again with? Thanks.


7/1/2016 11:36 PM

Mode 900, then upgrade parts when you need to


7/1/2016 11:41 PM

I agree with Steve on the mode 900. It seems to be solid for the price.


7/2/2016 6:38 AM

Mode 900 all the way.


"haha, did you steal that bike? hurhrhrurhurr" "no, fuck you thats just the brand."

7/2/2016 8:14 AM

I own the mode 900. Bolts are cheap, and can strip without much effort. Tires aren't so great. You would probably want new ones asap. And, if you like to sit at all, your ass will thank you if you get a new seat/seat post. If not, seat is still very cheap, and seems like it would break very easily. Broken plastic around there nether regions is a scary thought =P Other than that, it is a pretty solid bike for the price. At least it has been for me. So, unless you have the budget to get a better complete, go for the mode 900.