Mongoose legion l100

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11/29/2016 3:01 PM

Hi all.. New to this forum. Sorry if this question has been asked, but for $230 (down from $299) is this a decent entry level bike? I don't care that it says mongoose on's a full chomoly frame and everything is sealed. I'm 49 and won't be beating on this thing..just want something to mess around on near my house when I'm not mountain biking. I was about to purchase the mode 900, but I'm almost positive it doesn't have a sealed bb. The other main difference is the fork on the l100 doesn't seem to be 100% chromo, but I don't know if that's really a big deal.. I think I'd rather have a sealed bb. The tt is 21 on the legion and 20.5 on the mode.. Think I'd like the extra room, but who knows.. I'm new to this stuff. Anyway, any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks people!


11/29/2016 4:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/29/2016 4:42 PM

I am no expert or even close but just giving my two cents. I dont ride , but did have a mongoose years ago. From what I have seen through my research which is about 2-3 weeks worth I think 230 for the l100 is a great deal. The mode 900 which has some unsealed bearings but should be the same bike , I have seen priced for 167.00 with christmas specials and is pretty much the same bike. Which is a great price. Anything else chromolly will start in price around 400 dollars and up it seems and probably not full chromolly at 400. If you get the mode 900 , which is a great deal, it will definitely not get stolentongue
The chromolly is wanted for its strength and lighter weight. If you have the funds there is definitely better quality to be had. If a new bike is not a concern you will get more for your money buying used, just be careful you dont get some one else junk.


11/30/2016 12:41 AM

I'd go with the 900. For the same price, it's worth getting that 100% ChroMoly fork alongside the frame and bars.

However, if you're aiming at more of a casual pedal kind of riding with the occasional skatepark session and messing around on, the L100 is not bad at all.


Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

11/30/2016 2:49 PM

readybmx, do you sell mode 900's? You seem to push it a lot and down play the l100. LOL
Well, I did not hear back from from mongoose this morning through the email I sent them . So, i decided to call. The lady couldnt answer my question about the dropouts ,so she took my number and called a product manager. She called me back later in the day and said that the L100 has hiten dropouts, but she also said that the mode 900 had hiten dropouts as well. I specifically ask about the two bikes models

Its my assumption that the mode 900 and the L100 are the same bike , except the 900 has unsealed bearings and is sold at wally world. The L100 has different stickers,sealed bearings and is not sold at wally world. On sale there is a 30 dollar price difference in the two models .

THEN, I got a email notification that mongoose had replied late in the day to my email sent earlier in the week and the response I got was yes the L100 is full chromoly INCLUDING the drop outs, front and rear. Correct, the email said the drop out are chromolly on the L100 shocked

I assume again, I know what happens when you assume, that both the l100 and the mode 900 do not have chromolly dropouts. I mean really, no other way around it ,cost need to be cut on such a cheaply priced bike and I would bet the drop outs on both are hiten. Saying that, its still GREAT and the cheapest bike you are going to find and hiten cant be all that bad since danscomp has hiten bikes (FRAMES, NOT JUST DROP OUTS)priced at close to 500 dollars. I guess we should let Dan know the 500 dollar hi ten bikes are only worth ,or less than , a casual pedal kind of riding with the occasional skatepark session and messing around on.

Seriously though, I think hi ten dropouts are not a deal breaker at all for a person just starting out . It will take you years to gain the skills for the dropouts to be a issue. I am also not saying the L100 or the Mode 900 are equivalent to a 1000 dollar bike , both the 900 and L100 are cheap ,mass produce bikes. A 1000 dollar bike will likely be a custom unit made especially for one rider.


12/1/2016 2:27 PM

Addition :
I replied to the email last night and asked the lady why is she telling me "yes" the L100 has chromolly dropouts and when I called another person they had told me no that neither the L100 or the mode 900 had chromolly dropouts?

I got a quicker email response this time and the person replied that she was sorry she gave me the wrong info, both the L100 and the Mode 900 had hiten 5MM dropouts with full 4130 tube set.

Even though they are hiten dropouts, they are 3/16" thick , and thats pretty thick steel IMO

I am just putting it out there to help clear up some confusion, for the price the mongoose still cant be beat...Like I said earlier I have seen bikes with hiten frames (not only dropouts) selling for close to 500 dollars. I am still very pleased with my purchase.


12/1/2016 2:40 PM

Yeah all this hi-ten shit on mid to high level completes is crazy. When i started riding as a kid i dont even think walmart had hi ten frames. Everything was chromoly


12/1/2016 3:24 PM

catfish121 wrote:

Addition :
I replied to the email last night and asked the lady why is she telling me "yes" the L100 has chromolly dropouts ...more

Yep. That's what I figured.. You're assumption was correct. Not a big deal at all - I ordered one for $230 and it's on the way. Mainly I'll use it on my rollers with winter approaching, then in spring I'll be mostly mountain biking and probably fooling around on the mongoose in between.