Most hyped you've been?

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10/4/2015 7:58 PM

So I rode again today after not being able to I went to a buddies house and me him his brother and our other buddy all rode. He's got a 3 foot tall quarter pipe. I went there with s list of shit I wanted to try. We ended up moving the quarter to the middle. I ended up hopping on the 3 foot tall deck. I extremely hyped cause it's the highest thing I've hopped on and also because I haven't been this hyped in forever.

So I guess what I'm asking is what's the most hyped you guys you've ever been?


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10/4/2015 8:06 PM

First roof drop. I was screaming and flipping shit then I got arrested.


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10/4/2015 9:01 PM

Relearning really long and fast smiths where I get pop out instead of clipping back peg or nose diving


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10/4/2015 9:11 PM

Hmm i never freak out over stuff. Maybe when I stick something wild. I usually internalize my excitement more. I always dig it when i three off something or do something different.


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10/4/2015 9:31 PM

Too many times to count...

When I land a clean trick that feels badass I'll be pumped as hell on it, like my downside whip line from the other week really pumped me up.

Other times it'll just be riding with a group of really chill people and everyone's stoked on everything anyone does and it just feels badass doing something simple or hard and being clapped for.

Road trips always get me pumped up too, but I can't really pinpoint the most hyped I've ever been though.


10/4/2015 10:58 PM

I usually don't get too pumped right after a banger, it takes a little while to hit me. Like when i did the wallride in my profile pic i was just like cool, it's done. Then when i got home i was like holy shit!


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10/4/2015 11:10 PM

My first 3's over stairs was epic, I master the hop 3 since a long time, but I never had the balls to send it over stairs until a few month ago.

Or simply yesterday, hyped to get back on a coaster, I made a good 180 gap over 5 long stairs. That was cool.


10/5/2015 12:53 AM

I was pretty stoked when I first learned to 540 quarter pipes , doing 540s on a 9 foot quarter with vert I was super stoked on

This season it was probably learning opposite 360s such a hard awkward feeling trick but feels awsome when pulling them


10/5/2015 2:28 AM

Landing a 180 bar first try ever :D


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10/5/2015 6:36 AM

First clean Truckdriver, first legit whip, first footjam whip, first fully rotated flip into foam, first barspin.

Really the first anything I did.

Nowadays it is a session with friends (I tend to ride early morning, and my day off is a day everyone works), doing something new on my front wheel (front brakes are awesome), and being around good people (not necessarily skilled people, just not douche canoes).

Also becoming a father was a huge moment too. Everyone says it is, but daily I am more and more proud of my son. It's the craziest feeling looking at a person thinking "I made this kid...I made a people."


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10/5/2015 6:55 AM

When my friends are stoked about something ive landed and vice versa


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10/5/2015 7:10 PM

When I hopped over the hood of an irate driver's moving car... Woo!


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10/6/2015 6:10 PM

cro tec wrote:

Landing a 180 bar first try ever :D

I throw my bars into the spin so i learned them the same day i learned bars. First or second try. Trucks took a little and i just don't like how much effort they take and i hate continuously landing 270.

I was stoked the day i learned bars.


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10/6/2015 11:05 PM

When I was young I was afraid to hit the 6 foot QP at the skatepark.

I thought about it all night, went down at 5am no sleep.. whole park to myself.

I hit it ate shit sat there for like 30 minutes in agony then went home


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10/7/2015 2:05 AM

I was pretty ecstatic the first time I jumped my 3ft double -a bit of a long time ago already-. I was scared, bailed a lot of times because its a pretty fast one. Now that I've got it it has become routine... I need to built a 4ft or 5 ft jump....


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10/7/2015 1:28 PM

the day I landed my first 3
first fakie crankflip
first big drop
first 180 was a big one as it took me months of trying



10/7/2015 6:43 PM

My first flyout 360 and 540. I was beyond stoked. I recently did 180-feeble-smith-opposite smith and was really stoked. Most of the time technical stuff doesn't pump me up though.