My Chain is popping and crackling

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7/7/2016 4:04 PM

Hey guys, I recently bought a new sprocket (colony cc 25t) and a new chain (shadow conspiracy interlock) and I got it all fitted on my bike with my profile racing cranks and my profile mini rear hub and I went to go for a ride and didn't even get out of the drive way without it making a big pooping and crackling notice when I put pressure on it I have tested it with another chain and sprocket still nothing and I have used a different bottom bracket still nothing what can I do??


7/7/2016 6:13 PM

It's pooping!? Damn.

It's probably just the hub breaking in. Minis tend to skip a lot for the first few weeks you ride them


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7/7/2016 6:43 PM

The chain will need to stretch a bit, but you could have a worn driver. Also, if it's a half link chain, make sure you've put it on properly


7/7/2016 6:50 PM

sounds like it's just wearing in, new chains will often do that. my Odyssey chain made horrible noises for the first like 2-3 weeks (mainly cause it was Winter and I didn't ride much, and if I did it was at indoor parks so I wasn't pedaling place to place.) So just ride it a good bit and it should go away in time.

Also like Steve said, make sure it's installed properly. The fatter part of the chain should be facing forward like this