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10/25/2014 5:02 AM

Hello guys,

I got me on video trying my bunnyhops. Can you help me how to get better, higher, do it right? I can jump over 40-50 cm thing. I am 6ft 1 inch and i ride 20,5 top tube with 7 inch bars. Here is my video guys:

Thanks for advice!

10/25/2014 5:14 AM



10/25/2014 5:17 AM

Yeah that´s a great video, I have seen it, What do i do wrong? I don´t know if i even jump, i think i just pull front end and the scoop my back, there is no jump, i don´know.


10/25/2014 5:24 AM

It's your tiny bars bro, get a new bike for Christmas that you (a 6 foot 1 person) will be comfortable and not hunched over on.


10/25/2014 5:29 AM

Is it really my bike that is holding me back? Aren´t I just bad?


10/25/2014 5:34 AM

Try this



10/25/2014 6:31 AM

bendercz wrote:

Is it really my bike that is holding me back? Arent I just bad?

Getting a good bunny hop is mostly practice but your bike limits you somewhat,

I'm 5'8" and I have a 20.8" bike with 8.25 bars (tall stem)

If I was 6 foot 1 I'd be running 21 inch with 9 inch bars.

Just practice your hops more and you'll get the technique


10/25/2014 6:32 AM

It's not your bike. Everything you're doing is fine, you just have to keep practising. You won't just magically wake up with high bunnyhops out of nowhere they'll slowly get better as you keep hopping over and onto things.


10/25/2014 6:41 AM

There is a fine balance between how good your bike is and how good you are. If you give kyle baldock a 100 dollar bike from walmart, he won't be doing no lawn dart fronties. Save some money up and get a better bike for your skill level. You got it down pretty good for those bars though.


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10/25/2014 6:57 AM

Thanks guys! Do you thing that if i would have more room and higher bars, it would be easier to pull my front end up?
Getting new bike isn´t much of a problem ( if my wife won´t notice :D ). I just don´t want to be feeling like an idiot if i buy new bike and try bunnyhop and it will be the same. Are bigger handlerbars and top tube that much of a difference? I really like the idea of not getting that much bent over my bike.


10/25/2014 8:45 AM

They look fine to me.

Keep practicing.

Find other objects to hop over or make a bunny hop bar that you can adjust.

With all that room you have to ride, I'd build some quarters and grind boxes too.

As for your bike being too small, everyone is different but you do look cramped.

Try some taller bars first and then maybe look into a longer frame.

But your hop technique looks good.


10/25/2014 8:54 AM

Grab a pair of 8.5-9 inch bars and your bike should be golden. I'm 6ft and I ride a 20.5 TT and 8.85 inch bars.



10/25/2014 9:11 AM

Thanks guys!


10/26/2014 11:07 AM

Guys I have this trusty rusty old bike i am riding on the video, if I buy a new frame could i take all the others parts from the old bike and stick them on the new frame? Or will there be some problem?


10/26/2014 10:10 PM

Your bike is way too small for you. Get a 21" frame and run some 9" bars


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