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1/6/2015 6:52 PM

It seems to me no matter what bmx community I look at it's always cassettes vs freecoasters and then people argue mostly the fact that coasters are for cheaters who do not wanna pedal backwards or because they can't fakie and want it to be "easy" . And I won't lie to you guys when I first got into riding 2.5 years ago I had a friend who was riding a coaster and I gave him so much shit for it. (Keep in mind at this point I still couldn't 180 much less fakie) anyway fast forward about a year and a half and I decided to get a coaster, and yeah I had kinda messed around on my buddies a few times but never really tried anything too crazy. My first couple weeks I realized that coasting didn't suddenly make everything easier to be honest at first it's scary as crap when you land fakie going really fast and have no way to slow it down. Especially half cabbing at mid to fast speeds takes some getting used to and isn't as easy as I thought it'd be. Also just doing a fakie in general people think it's cheating but going in a straight line backwards without backpedaling is actually really difficult .

This is mostly when I realized a freecoaster isn't easy mode compared to a cassette it's preference and style. Some guys use a coaster and half cab huge drops and stairs and other guys ride cassettes and do ridiculous tech that requires pedal pressure. Of course there's way more than that stuff each option has.

To me saying a coaster is cheating. is like saying its unfair someine is better than you at trails because they have a longer chainstay, less steep headtube and brakes. And I'm not just saying that now that I'm on a coaster, I still enjoy hopping on a cassette using it. There are so many things out there now a days that cater to different riding styles and its what has expanded and made BMX progress.


1/6/2015 6:59 PM

After 15 years of riding cassette I'm ready for a change and plan on getting a coaster this season, a tip on going backwards farther is to look straight ahead instead of turning your head to spot where you are going , it makes it much easier to go farther that way


1/6/2015 7:02 PM

I ride both. I go on and off all the time with coasting and cassette riding.

Right now, cassette is my choice. I rode a coaster for a good long while and can say that it is pretty fun for SOME things. Riding bowls and stuff is so different. I hate it in comparison to cassette because its scary mainly. Feels almost unnatural. But riding my usual street shit i can say that coasting is probably just as good as cassette. I don't really like to half cab shit much. Pedal pressure isn't really possible with a decent amount of slack either. I don't like three sixties as much either.

but with a cassette i can full cab and tap and do all kinds of tricks much better. Sure, i could probably do similar stuff on a coaster, but it isnt the same. It takes longer. I like cassette because it is much more... idk how to put it other than solid feeling. I don't gotta worry when i pedal. I will know that it will engage right away, unlike a coaster with the slack. I like the cassette for a lot of reasons but the only thing that turns me away from cassettes is when they shit out on you. Currently my Cult Match is pretty beat up and basically ruined. It works well but it can;'t be worked on. Like at all really. The cone nut on one side seized on so its fucked. Can't get it off at all.


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1/6/2015 7:13 PM

Eskimojay, yeah I've gotten much better at fakies and controlling them now that I've been on a coaster for 10 months

MaximusBikes, yeah exactly. And my first coaster was the cult had it for 7 months and it never worked properly even after they sent me replacement parts. Was really disappointed. But I've had my Primo Freemix and it hasn't had one problem and I love it


1/6/2015 8:21 PM

Me :

Cassette - coaster - nothing - cassette.

I really wish I got clips of my lines with fakies on a coaster , I killed some of them.


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1/7/2015 8:09 AM

One thing you gotta realize about bmx is that its an industry. An industry centered around profits. If im a brand and I want to pull in more cash how do I do it? Start a trend of fad. I get my pro riders to all start riding a NOTICABLY different part, Such as toploads, wider tires, fat seats, etc. Then kids watching edits see all the pros are doing it and feel the need to drop $200 dollars on a freecoaster to be like the pros. Not saying everyone who gets a freecoaster does it cuz the pros have it but there is a reason why freecoasters went from a part that only queers had to the hottest product on the marktet in less than a year. I run cassette and like it but I realize the combos freecoasters have to offer. I know that freecoasters are prob here to stay, but I gonna show up a little late to the party. Im gonna wait until I feel it will actually progress my riding by doing like fakie bars and half cab whips and shit like that but until then im chillin


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1/7/2015 8:20 AM

I ride a coaster, road cassette for my first year of biking, been on a coaster for a year now.. I guess I sort of hopped on the trend but I never really liked the idea of backpedaling, I mean I love going backwards, I learned fakie hop bars a year ago and I still can't straight hop bar, it just feels more comfortable for me idk.

Anyways both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I just feel coasting looks cleaner, opens the door if you mainly ride street for many more options trick wise. But when you are riding transition and jumps etc it might be a downfall unless you are like all the front brake guys wink


1/7/2015 2:20 PM
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It's just whatever you like to ride, I guess.

I have a cassette wheel and a coaster wheel so I'm set.


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1/7/2015 6:02 PM

Yeah, with me, I need my pedal pressure for accuracy. And sometimes, pedal pressure can really save you when you bail and whatnot. But for those trendy people who ride Profiles or some other kind of Premium Stinger/near instant engagement hub, that's a different story. When I rode a coaster though, it's so weird getting used to not backpedaling. And the fact that I can't bitch crank, let alone even pedal the bike properly from a start point to get going, lol.


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