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11/30/2013 3:50 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/9/2018 8:15 PM

So, in the market for spokes for my new color scheme. Im usually a danscomp kind of guy, I usually get my stuff next day and they never mess up my orders. Well seeing as they dont have spokes for sale on their site, I called them.
me: hey, im looking to get some spokes added to my cart

customer service: well we cant add them to your cart, we ask that you place your whole order over the phone.

me: oh okay. Well is it possible to replace the silver nipples that come with the spokes with black ones?

cs: yes for an additional $6 ($31)

Me: okay cool so then I can get free shipping still over the phone?

Cs: yes

Me: but can I pay with paypal over the phone?

Cs: nope. You cant.

Me: darn so theres no way to pay with paypal?

Cs: welll, you can order something and then call us 15 minutes later and we'll add the spokes to the order. But youll just be wasting our time like that and we really prefer not to do that

Me: okay..well ill just go order a nipple or something cheap and then call back in 15

Cs: oh no no, I thought you were making a full order. Well in that case we cant do it.

I really didn't want to go to dans for spokes just because of this, I didn't want to go through the troubles of calling. But I only did because I didnt want to spend more than $30 and dans has free shipping for $30 orders.
so I went to albes and made my order. It came out to 25 and 35 with shipping, so I decided to add a $15 hat and get free shipping at $40 for $5 more. I went to pay with paypal and it kept charging shipping even though I was using the free shipping code. So I called albes

Me: hey ive got an order for $40 and im trying to use the free shipping code and when I go to pay with paypal it still shows the shipping. Can I not get free shipping with paypal?

Cs1: uhm it should give it to you. Hold on let me ask

*30seconds go by*

Cs2: hi! So you have an order for $41.15 and paypal still adds the shipping to your order?

Me: that is correct

Cs2: what code are you using?

Me: freewilly

Cs2: F R E E W I L L Y ?

Me: yup.

Cs2: well thats odd. Your email is

Me: yes it is

Cs2: well im sorry for the inconvenience. We're send you a paypal request for the total and get your order out the door. Keep a close eye on your email.

Me: okay thanks!!

Cs2: yup have a great day!

Received the order confirmation, then the pp request a minute later.
Im really disappointed that the mail order ive been using for years and have had 50+ orders and given near $4000 to couldn't go out of their way once to help me out. But a mail order ive used twice can be nicer and take the time out of their day to help me.
cool story bro.


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11/30/2013 4:31 PM

They've got probably the best customer service of all mail orders.

I like Danscomp and been using them for years, but after my Albes experience I always order from them first. Dans/Empire get my cash when Albe's doesn't have what I want... although you can always call em up and they'll get it for you anyway.

plus their $25 warranty on any frame, just badass.


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11/30/2013 4:38 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/30/2013 4:38 PM

I personally prefer Empire. Out of all the mail orders, Albe's is the only one to get anything wrong but they did correct it quickly and easily. I just like Empire, for no reason really haha.


12/1/2013 12:21 AM

empire is #1. I do respect albe's though.


12/4/2013 3:06 PM

I live super close to Empire. So Empire over the others. haha


12/4/2013 3:19 PM

im from the uk, so im not really to best to say, but the customer service i got from albes from top notch. Answered all of my 20+ emails explaining everything i needed to know and helped my out with whatever i asked. They know how to get people to like them :L


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12/4/2013 3:20 PM

dans is my favorite because ive never had troubles.and one day shipping most of the time. but when i order from albes i ordered 5 things and the only thing they did have in stock was the free kink dvd... BUT they did end up shipping that to me since they didnt have the stuff in stock. Theyre cool but its just easier to order from dans for me... ive never tried empire. there site wasnt very good before and i havent found anything they had that was worth ordering. i guess im more worried about the product and the arrival then who i buy from. though that might change because im trying to get an old reciept resent to me for my cranks and from what ive heard is there cs is terrible.

sorry for the rambling



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