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7/15/2016 3:09 PM

I made a new account because I lost my old one just for help asking what bike I should go with... I'm getting back into bmx again and the black one is a Totall killabee with GS forks and the green one is a Taylormade with industry forks



The specs are
K2: 75.5 with 25mm forks I think? I don't remember
Taylormade: 75.5 with I believe is 30mm forks and it's cheaper too I think


7/15/2016 3:18 PM

The specs are still very vague. What about other components? What sort of riding will you be doing?


7/15/2016 4:13 PM

Ahhh yes sorry okay I'll just do a rundown of each real quick & it'd be park riding

So the K2
8.8 sandstorm bars
GS forks 30mm offset

75.5 frame°
Actually don't know the fork offset
The bars I'll use are probably the Sandstorm bars as well

I'm just wondering if that's too like crazy geo for me getting back into the sport?


7/15/2016 5:30 PM

Unless you are crazy good ( experienced ) and are anal or like a certain feel to a bike i dont think ''crazy'' geo will matter. You will get used to it pretty quick, they are both pretty close bikes, Whatever floats you boat man...


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7/15/2016 5:35 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/15/2016 5:36 PM

Alright that's a relief man thanks so much


7/15/2016 10:56 PM

haha if ur struggling to decide, just go by the amount of likes they have recieved as a bit of a guideline!
perso i reckon the Taylormade looks cooler...... but obviously its up to you and how you like the feel of them both....

just my 2 cents....


7/15/2016 10:58 PM

Yeah my thoughts exactly but not many people have a Taylormade so that much is hard but imma just risk it and buy it anyways since it's so cheap now lol

Now I just have the parks to stress about lmao


7/15/2016 11:51 PM

Are you buying the complete bike or just the parts you listed? The cranks and wheel set would have a huge influence on which I'd go for.

You won't notice the headtube angle enough for it to make a difference unless your old bike was really slack, like a race frame


7/15/2016 11:57 PM

Well neither I guess technically but the wheels will both be KHE mark Webb tyres with ti spokes and KIS BIKE CO rabbit and rattle snake hubs

On the Taylormade id run profile cranks 170mm and idk 25-28t sprocket

The other would use total 175 hangover cranks


7/16/2016 12:07 AM

another factor you may want to consider is the frame geometry on those frames. i know that the taylormade frame has a very short chainstay, at 12.75" slammed, and this would make manuel hard to pull off, with the flipside being quicker handling and all that jazz, as you would know.


7/17/2016 11:09 PM

crs_3 wrote:

Well neither I guess technically but the wheels will both be KHE mark Webb tyres with ti spokes and KIS BIKE CO rabbit and ...more

I recommend not going with Titanium spokes and/or nipples. They will snap wayyyy easier than normal spokes. It's just not worth the price. Just because pro's ride them doesn't mean we have to. Plus, if you're going hard and trying new tricks out (especially since you're riding park), spokes are simply bound to snap easier.

BUT, at the end of the day, it's your setup, do whatever you want. Just a thing I wanted to say.


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