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5/2/2013 1:06 AM

i want to get my first BMX bike so the first Q is
1( i see this item in amazon so i want to know does it have all the tools i need to assamble the bike
2: i am 16 years old is 20 inch wheels bike is good or i need a bigger one ? my tall is medium


5/2/2013 1:14 AM

doesn't have sockets.
I'd recommend this

has everything you'll need in 1 tool, besides a pump anyway.


5/2/2013 3:46 AM

Nope as sunday said it's missing a 17mm socket.
The Animal tool is fine so is the Shadow one.

Honestly you don't really need all that stuff, I use mostly a 17mm socket wrench and a 6/8mm allen keys, 15mm wrench for pedals.
And have a multi sized spoke wrench.

That's pretty much all you need.


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