Need New Hubs... Help Please

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1/5/2015 5:05 PM

I think its time to get new hubs and I need help picking them out because I am clueless

The ones I have right now are both fit stock and I have had them for about a year or so. The front one doesn't spin like it should and makes a rubbing noise. And I want a cassette LHD for the back since I ride pegs on the right side. I am clueless on picking these out so please tell me what you think has these qualities:

-Not too pricey
-Trusted Brand (like primo or odyssey or something idek)
-Reliable/long lasting
-LHD & cassette for the rear hub
-Not too heavy
-Hub guard compatible
-I don't care if its loud or sounds good. I just want one that has good performance and reliability

You can just tell me what your running right now and how it preforms. Or what you suggest. Thanks!!!


1/5/2015 5:21 PM

bsd front street for your front hub and a cult match v2 for the rear


1/5/2015 6:05 PM

Cult Match rear and Primo N4FL front.


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1/5/2015 6:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/5/2015 6:40 PM

BSD Pro front hub.

Odyssey Antigram rear if you don't care about having really fast engagement. Super strong, reliable, and efficient design, plus it has a reversible driver. 14mm bolts into a 17mm axle.

Cult Match rear if you don't mind sacrificing strength and reliability for engagement and sound.


1/5/2015 7:25 PM

Chris king hubs


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1/5/2015 8:27 PM

Go full BSD, front and back. Has everything you need.



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