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5/11/2014 11:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/11/2014 11:09 PM

Hey guys I am new here and wanting a good BMX bike, mostly for street and skate parks. Since I am new I need a bike that can take a decent amount of beating. I am around 5'8 and I know most bikers say that weight doesn't matter but I would much rather have a light bike because I have tried both and in MY opinion I think that weight matters. (Wanting around a 20 pounds bike)
Basicly I just want a good bike for around $300 that I can just keep adding better parts into once I start getting to know things. :D


5/11/2014 11:20 PM

EDIT: Does anybody have/tried this bike out yet?
really looks good.


5/11/2014 11:24 PM

Just to let you know, will not find a bike for $300 that is not crap. You DO NOT want a High Tensil Steel Frame, beacause that is what you will get with $300. You will atleast need $500 to get a Complete with a Full Chromoly Frame. Also about 25lbs will probably be the lightest you get without sacrificing strength o f parts. The Sunday Young or Ross EX Completes are pretty good. There is also the Stolen Sinner, Premium Duo and FIT has some good ones between 400-500. I recommend DANSCOMP.COM. You can save quite a bit of money there. Use Promo Codes 4431 or 45G1 for 15% of your purchase and I think you might be able to get FREE SHIPPING still on Completes also. So its a reallt good deal. If you do decide to use DANS, dont forget to sign up for their REWARDS program first. ABOUT the weight thing, like I said, about 24-25 lbs will probably be the best that you could do. The most important thing is Rotational weight, Keep your Wheels and Tires LIGHT. It makes a big difference rather than finding the lightest Frames and so on. Good Luck!


5/11/2014 11:30 PM
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5/12/2014 12:15 AM

Shaggi wrote:

Thanks Michael, I have changed that shitty $300 to around $700. I was thinking either ...more

Dude don't listen to this people i know they will help you on picking a bike but they are trying to make you spend more money then what you have. If you only got 300 at this time then get a bike you like and can afford it your freaking money not there's. You can try cragslist for a good custom or a decent bike for 300 then you will save money then you can buy new parts. Like i said dude it your money if you only have 300 then buy a bike you like. I had 300 i got a good custom it fit Mac.


5/12/2014 12:40 AM

FBM, I just want a good frame mostly and add parts to it slowly, what should I do?


5/12/2014 12:55 AM

get a subrosa complete. the frames are tough man they hold up perfect off these big jumps and stairs that i do. and then just slowly add parts to it. i have a 2013 arum im the same height as you and 20.5 is an alright size. if anything just look for completes on craigslist.


5/12/2014 5:41 AM

Buying used is not necessarily a bad idea, but many times the seller has no clue what he has and therefore you have no idea what you are buying. And sometimes - sometimes - the seller is just trying to rip you off.

Michael gave excellent advice. I'd go with that Mac 3 or either of the Kink Liberty/Liberty Sexton bikes.


5/13/2014 8:54 AM

michael.eckhart wrote:

Just to let you know, will not find a bike for $300 that is not crap. You DO NOT want a High Tensil Steel Frame, beacause that ...more

200 gets you a full cromo bike at walmart. Mongoose Mode 900!


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5/13/2014 11:38 AM

Craigslist. Dans. Albes. Empire.

Check them all.

Full chromo, double wall wheels and sealed bearings. Outside of that go nuts.


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5/13/2014 12:15 PM

Yo dude I'm selling mine due to school mixing with work problems I could sell it for $300


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5/13/2014 1:06 PM

Mongoose mode 900 can't be beat for a beginner