Need advice for OS frame

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6/8/2016 8:01 AM

I'm in a debate between an RL II (RL20II) frame, an MX-II, a PL-20, and a couple Haro freestylers that are late 80's on evilbay I'm trying to figure out one of those 4 options which would be a better OS frame from the bunch
and better for my budget(450 bucks); the RL II auction's still active yet it's worth about $390(not counting shipping) to the other bidder, The MX II is $400 firm, the PL 20 is live auction at $109 and the Haro freestylers are '87 master for $389 and a 87 sport(replica) for $200 and a complete. I honestly want that RL 20 II, but the auction will be out of my budget in the next 4 days, but I also want to hear some advice on what frame is "rarer" and has most bang for my buck. If you're gonna ask about build, I'm just gonna throw on some skyways and a decent crank,and donor parts from dans comp. I'm just interested in a OS that I could dance and cruise on.

To make it easier just rate from 1-4(best being 1 worst 4) and why I should get "that" frame.


6/8/2016 4:06 PM

Go ask bmxmuseum.

Garbage, garbage and more garbage.