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10/27/2016 7:07 AM

I have a 2015 Verde Eon that im looking to get rid of (Im not selling it on here so dont flame me for putting this in the "wrong section" just need help)
It is mostly stock except for the following changes
- Black S&M Fu Bars 9" Rise (cut down to 28")
- United Supreme TL Stem (black-polish fade)
- Shadow Conspiracy Valor Tire in the front
- Black Twisted PC Pedals
- Its the original seat but it was ripping so i wrapped it with a bandana and hot glued it lmao
- 2 GSport gland mk4 hubs and 2 Demolition Dumbcheck Pegs (currently not on my bike)
- Some random 100$ rim i got from a local shop (its garbage, not worth anything)
- ODI Longneck Grips
I do not have any updated pictures but here is 2 pictures from BEFORE I got the bars and stem.
Overall now the paint is still in good shape with minor scratches here and there
Im just wondering what you guys think I could get out of it?



10/27/2016 8:00 AM

$150 max


F¬ Bom 5403692331