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6/2/2015 9:18 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/2/2015 9:21 PM

So here's the deal I'm 20 and I've rode motocross for a long time and recently broke my ankle and had to sell the bike to pay for bills since I had know income and now I'm thinking about getting in to bmx again since i can't afford a dirt bike right now and I know 20 is young but is it to old to start ?


6/2/2015 9:25 PM

20 isn't too old to start


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6/2/2015 11:03 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/2/2015 11:28 PM

40 isn't to old to start , all that jibberish aside , how haggard is your ankle ? Your going to fuck up your ankle worse trying Bmx
Catching pedals as opposed to stationary footpegs on a moto , if your ankles fucked and your used to a motocross boot and you throw on a mid or hi top bmx shoe your going to
Murder whatever your ankle has left


6/2/2015 11:35 PM

hell nah man. i know people taht got into it around that age man, youre golden.

just depending on the ankle dont go balls out. stay in your limits


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6/3/2015 8:50 AM

Yeah, I restarted (after a like 17 year break) at 36. You'll be fine.

How long ago did you break your ankle? What kind of break was it? I broke mine about two years ago, and it still hurts like shit sometimes. I'm hoping it gets better someday.


6/3/2015 7:57 PM

My bad I guess I didn't technically brake it I chipped the bone off of the ball on the left side of my right ankle and fractured it and serverly sprained it so I just say I broke it so I don't have to go into great detail but I did it a month ago and I'm still in a boot and get it off in a week let's hope so you guys think it will hold up?


6/3/2015 8:15 PM

Should be fine as long as you take time to get comfortable with riding a BMX and don't do huge jumps and drops


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6/4/2015 11:50 AM

I had the exact same break. After the boot got off for a few months I'd ride and easily sprain my ankle every now and again. Just get ready to deal with it swelling up randomly and I highly suggest riding in High Tops.


6/4/2015 2:53 PM

never to late to start just gotta have the passion and determination. rebuilding cardio sucks the worse thats what im personally working on but never give up


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6/4/2015 7:30 PM

That crazy dude do you still Spain it a lot


6/5/2015 9:35 AM

My ankle will randomly roll on flat ground. Like I just step and it rolls.

I can barely stand on one foot. Putting pants on can get sketchy.

Mostly though, it just fucking hurts.