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9/25/2015 2:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/25/2015 2:56 AM

Need to get stripped spindle bolt off crank, any tips?


9/25/2015 4:11 AM

if its one that uses an alen key you could try putting a rubber band or some type of rubber or thin rubber over the end of the alen key then placing it in the bolt so there is more grip and will fill in the space! if you dont know what i mean look at this website it helps


9/25/2015 6:42 AM

Right or slightly bigger Allen key, or get it into a vise. All else fails, your local shop.


Frmrly BmxBos
Ref: Robinson79,

9/25/2015 10:51 AM

I'll give these both a try, thanks guys!