Need help determining if my crank/hub is lhd compatible

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11/20/2015 8:38 PM

I have a 2010 WTP Zodiac that came with a rhd set up obviously. I'm right foot forward and grind on my right side as well and im tired of my sprockets getting fucked up and want to switch over to lhd. My left crank has the hole for the sprocket and a website with my bikes specs said the hub is lhd/rhd compatible, but when I took it to a bike shop to switch the pawls they said it's a rhd only. Is there a way I could tell my looking at the interior of the hub if its switchable?


11/20/2015 9:28 PM

Are you sure the specs you read were for the 2010 model? Cause I'm not seeing anything that says the hub is able to be converted.

If you could post photos of the driver where the pawls & springs are, and the ratchet ring (the inside of the hub where the driver sits) then we should be able to tell you based on that just to confirm it.


11/21/2015 12:08 AM

My first real bike was a WTP trust 2010, and back then, there wasn't hubs with switchable drive side on their completes (it appears a few years after).

And if someone competent has already take your hub appart to check if it´s possible, this is the confirmation that your hub is only RHD.

Now If you want to protect your stuff without buy a new hub, you can buy a fullguard sprocket and a universal drive side guard, you'll still grinding on your drive side... but it will be solid.