Need help with building a berm.

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5/9/2013 11:29 PM

I know it's not the best time to build trails. But my trails, kept getting destroyed, but that was my fault because I put them in a sorta open spot by hiking trails by my house ( seniors at a continuation school near my house, get high and kick and throw rocks at the lips til they break) .
but anyways these kids 2 years younger than me ( 7-8th grade) made my trails tabletops, and they stopped watering them so i know the end is near. So I started clearing brush a little off from the trail and I found a spot where I can make a drop in to a 180 berm, and trails.

What's the best way to build a berm when water is limited ( no creek near by I have to walk 300 ft to my house and fill up 2 2 gallon watering cans and walk 300 ft back. It takes 5-6 minutes but its a pain in the butt because walking up my straight it going up hill . any ideas?


5/10/2013 8:54 AM

Dig a water trench for any rain to fall into or buy a large water butt and create a system that guides any rain into it smile


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