Need help with spline sprocket info

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12/10/2014 8:26 PM

Okay I was looking to get the Shadow Killer Cranks which are a 22mm spline. Now I wanted to get the snafu ola sprocket in jetfuel but it isn't a "spline drive" sprocket but some people have said that it still works fine with the adapters it comes with. I am not to sure so I wanted to get some other educated opinions.


12/10/2014 9:10 PM

if the killers allow for bolt drive and the sprocket is bolt drive then you're fine


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12/10/2014 9:59 PM

from what I can find. almost all the flush mount 48spline drive cranks will allow for spline, and bolt drives.


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12/11/2014 7:10 AM

It will work.


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