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11/27/2016 1:46 PM


I want to learn bmx and have always wanted to get into it.

I have been looking at bmx Bikes and with a price range from £400 - £500 i have found a few i like,

if you could give me your thoughts or even any bikes you personally rate for the price range that would be much appreciated.

1 - Fit long 1

2 - Verde Vex XL

3 - Verde neyer pro.

would the Vex Xl still be a good bike or would it be worth spending that £80 extra for the neyer pro?

all replies will be appreciated.



11/27/2016 3:43 PM

Verde Meyer Pro
Verde has some Awsome complete out now...


F¬ Bom 5403692331

11/27/2016 3:55 PM

Fiend has some nice completes out too


11/27/2016 8:44 PM

I am a Verde fanboi so I would suggest the Neyer Pro over the Vex. The NP is full Chromo; all sealed bearings; great double walled rims etc. The Vex is just Hi Tensile steel frame so it is less "tough"

Things to look for in a BMX bike:
All of the skeletal structure that is going to bare weight should be full chromoly:
full frame -> front triangle(TT, DT, ST) AND seat stay and chainstay
fork: both the steering tube and the legs
the handle bars
the crank arms and pedal axels

Wheels should be double walled for sure
Sealed bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket

For me, these are the MOST important things to look for to give you the best return on your investment. Every thing after this is “eye candy” to me at least.

After structure, geometry is the next most important thing.

no matter which company you go with, use the points form the list above to choose the bike if you want to invest your money wisely. in AMerican dollars, a bike with these points would be between $500-1000. The Mongoose Mode 900 is a great deal though - with all of the items checked off above, but for only $200. If you can get those over there, look into them. Some of the parts are average, but those would get replaced as they break anyway

hope this all helps.


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