New BMX race track coming to Vancouver, WA - need petition support from riders

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6/25/2010 2:40 AM

A new BMX race track is being planned for Vancouver, WA.
“Vancouver BMX” will be an 1,100 ft+ dirt race track with jumps and berms which welcomes all bmx / dirt jumpers / mountain bikers / four cross / etc.

A new website is up! - please check it out

**There is an online petition form within the website that will greatly help us in getting the track built sooner.
June 28th (soon) is our first deadline for grant applications, though your petition entry will be helpful towards other grant applications as well.

So if you haven't signed our petition, please do so!
Entering your email address in the petition will put you on a mailing list for updates to track development.



6/28/2010 8:33 AM

Thank you to all who have responded to our petition for the New BMX race track in Vancouver, WA.

Keep in mind that not only will this track be open for race events 2x a week, but also open free to the public during non-race times.
Think… nice wide groomed big jumps…awesome pump track for the mtb guys, etc.

As of this morning we have:
- 773 total petition entries that say we need a new race track in Vancouver, WA
- of the 773, 200+ expect to race here.

This doesn't account for the countless number of people that will ride this public park during off-race times. (the majority of names have been taken from the current bmx race track users)

It's looking good!!

Please sign the petition if you haven't already - today is the final push for names for our first grant application.