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5/30/2016 5:26 PM

Hi everyone. I'm a new/old rider. I'm 28yrs old and used to ride when I was 13-15 on my Dyno GT. I wasn't too good back then but I also didn't practice new tricks just had fun riding and doing what I could.

Now I want to get back into it and try to progress more. My wife says I'm to old and big as I'm 6ft 210lb. But I want to use this to get back into shape as well.

About 2-3 years ago I bought a bike again and figured I would get a mountian bike as I didn't think I could fit a bmx bike and it was only going to be around the town and occasional jumps on dirt. Well that didn't last. I don't like the suspensions bikes and the style of riding isn't what I was used to.

Now I just picked up a bmx bike off craigslist. I got a 2009 Haro X1 for 35 bucks. It perfect shape. Nothing wrong with it.

I need to invest in pads as I have already fallen practicing manuals and working on my 180(never really had them when I was a kid either). I also need to get a smaller crank as my feet hit the pegs a little unless I move my feet awkwardly forward.

Any tips or advise is always welcome. And it's nice to see that I'm not the only person getting back into it at a older age.


5/31/2016 2:18 AM

There's a ton of older riders than you on here and locally , 28 is young .

Glad to hear you're back on a bike , if you're doing it to get in shape , relive some memories or get some tricks done , it's always going to be fun .

I'd say lay off buying parts until you know personally you're gonna be biking a while and not just a phase , then focus on something like bigger bars or wheels of you want to me comfy and have a solid setup .

Most of all , enjoy being back on and learning again ! The best feeling is learning .


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5/31/2016 3:10 AM

Only a couple of years and you'll be able to join the over 30's club!
Yeah I'd lay off buying parts for now. The bike you got will be great for messing around on, but you'll want to upgrade about every part on it as you go.
I'm 35, 6' and think I weigh a bit more than you. Chances are the whole bike is a bit small, and you'd benefit a lot from a good aftermarket frame and parts. But there's no stress. Just enjoy it for what it is!


5/31/2016 3:18 AM

Nice! Yea it's bringing back tons of memories already. I have been watching a ton of bmx street videos and how to videos. But I think my next step is definitely getting some pads. Then if I keep up with riding for a long time I will end up building a custom bike. Thanks for the support.


5/31/2016 7:47 AM
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Dude, I am nearly in the same boat as you. Getting back into riding after 30+ years "off" (did mountain biking in between...mostly touring and single track stuff, so not a lot of trickery). Grew up riding in the late 70's early 80's. I am still riding my 1988 Mongoose Californian Pro but am looking to get a newer bike this summer since the CP is in mint condition with all original parts (except tires) and I don't want to ruin it

I am about your height and weight. The weight is not as much of an issue, though the lighter you are, the easier it is to get off the ground. (Also your age does not make a difference either other than the younger kids laughing at you at the park). What you will find s you get back into the sport is that there is a FLOOD of product out there now. The most important parameters are still full chromoly where you can afford it, and correct geometry to your body length/height. Most people will tell you that you will need a 21"top tube length at 6 feet tall. I think my Mongoose is more like a 20.5" and it fits me fine, but it is wha tI am used to. Also, sealed bearings in the bottom bracket and hubs.

Beyond that, shopping for parts etc boils down to color choice, and then certain people have loyalty to certain companies. After months of researching for my new bike, I have learned that Odyssey is the most trusted for parts, as well as BSD...Sunday; S&M, WeThePeople, Verde, Fit make great frames and complete bikes;

I have decided to go with a Verde Luxe as my new bike. Others will have their own opinions, and I learned to research everyones advice/view/opinion to really sift out what I want. It has been a 6 month search, but it has been a BLAST!!

the choices are way different than when I first was riding: you had Redline and Mongoose as the top of the line brands, then Hutch, Haro and GT in second. That was it. All the parts were made by the companies. It was much "easier" to do...except that we were stranded by what our LBS internet.

Enjoy getting back in. keep us updated on how it goes!


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