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5/14/2009 6:37 PM

Frame: Fit Chase Dehart Bars: United Grande Fork: Fit Blade Lite Stem: Fit D.L.R. Grips: Animal Edwin Headset: Kink Intergrated Barends: Animal Plastics Seat: Fit Lo-Bolt Pivotal Seatpost: Federal Stump Sprocket: Fit Down Low (25tooth) Cranks: Macneil Conjoined Pedals: Animal Hamilton PC Front Rim: Odyssey Hazzard Lite Back Rim: Odyssey Hazzard Lite Front Hub: Shadow Conspiracy Rant Back Hub: Odyssey V3 Cassette (9tooth) Tires: Fit FAF

[img]http://C:\Documents and Settings\GRAHAM\My Documents\My Pictures\BMX 2009[/img]


Stay Fit? More like Leave Fit!

5/14/2009 6:38 PM

pics or it didn't happen


I <3 theamazingjack, dan, ressler, and dakota