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3/2/2015 8:22 AM

Hi all, I'm Mauricio, from Uruguay.

I'm started to ride a bmx again the Saturday, after 10 years of no small bikes in my life... I was never a good rider or anything, but I had the control of the bike, could jump, some 180 in flat and that's it...
The Saturday first time in 10 years, went for a ride and beat the shit out of myself with the street, it was a real lol fall, but it was painful tongue
The bike felt so small, that I tried to put the front wheel up, like doing a manual, and the bike went up too fast I was surprised and couldn't even walk behind the bike, I just hit the road like if I was taking a nap... I guess I got used to MTB s...

Anyway, I want to start again, and would like to see what do you recommend, what should I go for first? Learn to jump again, learn to do what??

BTW, I'm a quite big guy 110kg and 186cm, I will be learning slow, but I want to learn.

Thanks a lot!

Oohh forgot to tell, I bought a GT Compe 2014 the raw looking one, there isn't much availability here in my country so... It is what it is... I would like to ask for some hubs, but that later...


3/2/2015 10:07 AM

Learn manuals then bunny-hops then 180s. and remember straight arms when doing a manual wink
Also, If you ever get the chance, I suggest a longer frame, like a 21.00 inch top tube (tt) since you're so tall


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bought from: Mario.villegas90, robinson79

3/2/2015 10:25 AM


I bought another first, an Air, and it was 19.5 it was so small I couldn't be comfy, I guess that's why I flew of the bike, so small thing.

This one is larger but not by much... I guess if I learn a little I may buy another frame/bike

Thanks again!