New rims or new wheels?

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7/3/2018 1:49 AM

I have purple rims on my bmx, black spokes hubs and nipples. Personally i dont like the purple coloured rims and want to change them to some thick looking black ones. My wheel set at the moment is guesst trix frount and rear cassette. I was thinking about getting some new rims and building the wheel up again with the hubs from my wheels at the moment. But I would need to buy some more spokes and nipples but not too sure. Has anybody else done this or is it just easier to save up and buy some complete wheels instead of fiddling around with new rims? Also whats the diffrence between pinned and wielded rims?


7/3/2018 2:11 AM

If you know how to confidently build wheels, go for it. Or, if you have the money, buy a cool custom pair of wheels. I don't really see the point in buying just rims and spokes then paying someone else to build them, as the total cost will be pretty close to the cost of wheels