New stuff and chain popping

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2/17/2015 11:48 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/18/2015 12:01 AM

Just got a new wheel and new sprocket but left my old chain and it keeps making this popping noise ,some dude at the skatepark said it was my chain that has te reform itself to the new stuff ,is this true ? And how long does that take in general? Thanks smile


2/18/2015 12:43 AM

Yeah, it just needs time to dig itself into place again. Give it a 2-3 weeks depending how much you ride.

It's been awhile since I got a new sprocket so I don't remember how long or if it even made noise when I got it, but I know when I got a new chain it took a few weeks to stop making noise. Then again that was in the dead of Winter and I only rode on Weekends at indoor skateparks, so I didn't do a lot of pedaling around to help wear it in.


2/18/2015 5:06 AM

Thanks dude well I better start riding more to get it to wear in haha