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4/23/2013 11:51 PM

Hey guys what's up, I've always followed and loved BMX, I rode from 12-15, never got too into it though as my schedule was packed with high school ROTC and track meets.. Now that I'm 22 and have time I'd like to start making some progress at it finally, I can hop about 20" and 180, other than that I'm pretty clueless, haha.
Any tips for an old noob?


4/24/2013 3:54 AM

good job with the hop and 180, those are a great starting point now you should learn how to hold a manual and a fakie next id start grinding with either double pegs or feebals, then move on to bigger stuff like 360s bars and so on another fun trick to ad to your bag is the ET, i learned it when i was stuck on 3s and it is a great confidence boosted seeing you'll get it down in less than 2 days hell it took me a solid hour


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4/24/2013 5:08 AM

It's nice you got back into riding!
Just get into the game, go to parks, meet people and just enjoy yourself.


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