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1/26/2014 9:12 PM

Hey guys im new to bmx. Ive brrn aggressive skating for many years but now just got my bikes back and am interested in bmxing. I have a dk cincinati and a haro backtrail. Which one should i start with? I used to do alot of trails and clay hills but i feel now ill be starting as a begginer all over again. I want to try the freestyle aspect. Any help would be awsome thanks.


1/26/2014 10:13 PM

Start with the one you feel more comfortable on. i know that doesnt help much but just ride both of them and pick the one that feels better to you


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1/26/2014 10:23 PM

you used to rollerblade? gtfo


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1/27/2014 4:52 AM

eeny, meeny, miny, moe
just hop on one and go


1/27/2014 4:54 AM

Also don't listen to crazyclark

But for real, ride both and whatever you feel more comfortable on is the one you should ride


Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.

1/27/2014 6:24 AM

What everyone else said.




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1/27/2014 7:31 AM

Haha ok cool thanks.