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9/30/2016 8:02 PM

Well to introduce myself, my name is Brian and I haven't been on a BMX in 18 years, but my son is 16 and is hardcore into it and has been since I introduced him to it at 7.

I would like to get a BMX and start riding with him, but need some guidance as to what to get?

I am 38, 6'2", and 240lbs so, what is a good BMX to get on?


9/30/2016 8:49 PM

What's your budget?

A taller top tube length would be ideal. AT LEAST a 21" with your height.

Things to look for are sealed hubs & as much chromoly in the bike (frame, fork, bars & cranks) as possible. Double wall rims are a plus, but usually on more expensive bikes. Give me a price range to work with and I'll see what I can find for ya