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4/25/2013 9:30 PM

My back wheel (LHD Odyssey Hazard) keeps slipping and time I do a trick, so I took off the chain and I find it a lot easier to ride. Anyone else find this funner or more enjoyable to ride?



4/25/2013 9:34 PM

Yes but having to ride my bike like a scooter completely ruins any potential fun.


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4/25/2013 9:34 PM

It's fun for a while, then i get tired from pushing my self around everywhere lol, but yeah it's fun, I'm usually afraid to do a trick and hit my knees on the stem/bar.


4/25/2013 9:38 PM

You're the next Liam Fahmty Hamton or whatever his name was.


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4/25/2013 9:43 PM

Went chainless once. Ended up with a handlebar to the stomach trying to roll out of a 180, never again.


4/25/2013 9:45 PM

It's fun at first but it sucks when you live in Seattle haha. Def Paul used to ride chainless but he has a drivetrain now.
It's cool though you end up gettin really good at pumping.


4/25/2013 10:19 PM

I always forget I can't give pedal pressure so I pedal and my knee hits the stem and I cry about it like a little bitch. And I leave my sprocket on so that also scratches me sometimes. And I wear out my tires doing so many slider rollouts.


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4/25/2013 10:24 PM

fuck no. How am i supposed to haul ass without a drivetrain? no speed no funz.


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4/26/2013 6:44 AM

Get a freecoaster for a similar fakie effect.


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4/26/2013 7:52 AM

Shit, if I had a spare bike and I could seize the cranks like that guy in the video does, I would so be all over that, thats fucking awesome. I would just do it once in a while though. I could never get rid of my drive chain. And fuck chainless.


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4/26/2013 7:54 AM

i broke my chain and had to ride chainles for 3 weeks :p


4/26/2013 8:18 AM

I only find it fun to go Backwards. I broke my chain at my local Park a few weeks ago and I rode without it there for about 5 Hours getting really long Fakies. I really want to get a Freecoaster.


4/26/2013 9:03 AM

Rode chain less for 4 months before. Snapped a chain and enjoyed it for a month, then had knee surgery and rode chain less because it hurt too bad to pedal.


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4/26/2013 10:33 AM

FreddyDapice wrote:

Shit, if I had a spare bike and I could seize the cranks like that guy in the video does, I would so be all over that, thats ...more

ive always thought about doing that witha spare bike

and ive rode chainless before... mainly if i snap a chain and dont have a breaker, i jsut kinda rode and flowed a park


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