No interbike - Major releases continue this Fall?

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9/12/2019 1:23 PM

As we all know, interbike has died and gone to a better place. Does that mean that companies will start to willie nillie release new product and not have a huge line of new stuff hit the market in the Fall (as was custom during interbike years)? I know WTP did a big release of new stuff after X-game in Minnie this summer, I am just curious if anyone has any inside deets about when companies plan to drop new stuff. Will it continue to just trickle through the social media pipeline? Or, any plans to do a "virtual showcase" of the new stuff for the year all in one place?

Also, whats your thoughts of no BMX trade show?

BMX trade show

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9/12/2019 1:26 PM

Probably a big waste of money for brands but I really liked to see all new stuffs coming at the same time and place, now every brand release whatever they want whenever they want on instagram and that’s it.


9/12/2019 3:05 PM

Maybe some charm of releasing new products will be lost, but I can’t see any company really slowing down because of no event.


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9/12/2019 4:20 PM

I think it'll be shown through social media now, like a sneak peek Instagram carousel post saying something like "First glance at our new (insert part here) prototype!" maybe along with something unique about it.

I forget Interbike was no longer a thing and now I'm sad, I loved seeing all the new product being showcased and speculation on what something was/what internals it had


9/13/2019 4:44 AM

It’s a changing of the times. Everyone craves instant satisfaction, and expects something new all the time. Which is partly why instagram is more popular than dvd releases too