Noob Questions Regarding Footedness

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9/27/2018 11:20 AM

I have some questions regarding footedness. I ride Left Foot Forward but I don't know if I'm doing things properly. Is the following "normal"? This is how things feel most natural to me. Should I adjust what I'm doing?

1) I ride LFF but I start pedaling with my right foot.
2) I feel most comfortable using my right foot for pressure to get out of fakies.
3) For foot jams I use my back foot (right) Trying to use my left feels very unbalanced and awkward.
4) Rocket Manuals: I balance on my right foot and use left for balance.
5) I do spin towards the right, which I believe is normal for LFF
6) I find it easier to drop in on my left side
7) I have yet to "air out" but when I'm practicing it feels safest/easiest to do it towards the left. (Front foot leading, opposite of spins)
8) I grind left side primarily

Is any of this normal? I know it's freestyle so...whatever, right? Should I train myself to do things differently?

My plan from the beginning has been to just ride and let my body/bike tell me how to do things, should I interject and correct some things?

Thanks dudes!

Hey, I'm trying!

9/27/2018 11:27 AM

Sounds pretty normal to me. Apart from how you carve ramps and drop in. I think it's more natural to want to take your back foot off for one footed tricks (including footjams), but footjams are definitely easier with the front foot.
You can learn to do things differently. Like most things in bmx, it's repetition and muscle memory, so you just need to get used to doing it the other way, if that's what you want. But if you think about tricks you might want to learn in the future, that can help force you to learn things the way that'll make them easier. For example: if you want to learn 360 to fakie on a quarter, it would make more sense to learn to carve the same way you spin


9/27/2018 1:32 PM

Nothing is normal in BMX. I'm LFF and do most of what you listed the opposite.