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6/23/2013 5:19 PM

I have not been progressing on my bike at all lately? I can't do like anything on a bike and I'm not really learning much.

Any ideas? Tips? Easy tricks to make me feel like I don't need to make the transition to being a scooter kid?



6/23/2013 5:24 PM

Practice man, some people learn slower than others.


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6/23/2013 11:43 PM

The way I've been learning trix lately and dis really works for me is to break it down into steps, if you have ever heard of the 20/80 rule then you will know that 20% of you effort is responsible for 80% of your results. I use this concept for my progression all the time.

It breaks down like this...if any trick your learning and have on lock is concidered 100% then the 1st attempt of the trick for me is that 20% that is responsible for 80% of my results, nah mean

I have 5 trick lists (20-40-60-80-100%)

Trix in the 20% list are trix that I attempt for the first time
Trix in the 40% list are trix that I send for the first time
Trix in the 60% list are trix that I can do 3 times in a row on flat
Trix in the 80% list are trix that I can do (up curbs-down curbs-and over a curb island) 3 times in a row
Trix in the 100% list are trix that I have taken to actual street/park/dirt obsticals and are completely dialled 100%

This may be a little overkill but this has really helped me to progress this last year and although its a way of doing things that probably isn't for everyone, but those of you who like to keep things organised, you may benifit from some sort of system like this.

Doing this you get to measure your progress and keep track of your goals which is key to sucessful goal setting in any area of life.

OCD ne one? Lol


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6/23/2013 11:58 PM

haha well mine is very simple really. I try tricks i feel like i can do until i get it so i can land it. then i try to do 3 in a row and until i get them all 3 in a row and then i try to do 6 in a row without messing up and if i dont get to 6 i start over same with the 3 and the 10. And when i can do them 10 in a row nicely, i consider them dialed. It has worked flawlessly for a while now. And not progressing can be normal. Some stuff is tougher to commit to, some stuff is out of reach or skill level, sometimes its a mental block! but sometimes its nice to just take a day and do what you know you can do and get more comfortable with it! Then the next day go hard! haha


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