Odyssey 7KA Rim OR Gsport Rollcage Rim

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6/26/2015 11:35 AM

Getting one or the other but can't decide which to get. Im leaning to get the Odyssey 7KA but i need opinions


6/26/2015 11:40 AM

7ka, the roll is great but the 7ka is beddur


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6/26/2015 11:43 AM
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BMXism wrote:

7ka, the roll is great but the 7ka is beddur



6/26/2015 11:55 AM



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6/26/2015 5:07 PM



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6/27/2015 5:14 AM

I would just go with a rib cage rim


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6/27/2015 8:38 PM

yep, i got a ribcage and i couldn't fault it. It's only 50 grams more than a rollcage and like 15$ more...just do it


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7/4/2015 7:10 PM

7Ka all day