Odyssey Black or Chrome?

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2/6/2014 11:00 PM

I know Im beating a dead horse but I like me some fresh input. Ive been a Chrome Odyssey Hazard guy for almost 11 years now but I am really debating getting the Black Hazards or 7-KA's. I'll be using FRONT and REAR brakes with clear pads, mostly park riding. I just want to now how well the Black Odyssey rims will stand up to a brake pad beating. Ive also heard there has been some problems lately with Chrome flaking. Ive only had on Odyssey rim do this to me in 11 years, so I wonder how common this problem is. Also, black will go good with the color scheme I want. Ive heard some say the the black wears off in a couple weeks, a couple months, some say they have had theres for a couple of years with no sign of wear. So, please people that have had experience with Black Odyssey Rims, Help me out.


2/6/2014 11:21 PM

Hard anodized is definitely the way to go if you're a true brake person.


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2/7/2014 3:28 AM

Hard anodized.




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2/7/2014 7:31 AM

Hard anodized. Definitely.

Odyssey doesn't ever anodize theyre limited edition parts! (Otger than hard anodized colors) I had the LE teal rims and the powdercoat on them was freaking horrible and wiped off with brakes! Scratched super easy too. I wasnt a fan. I traded one for a chrome one and rawed the other.


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2/7/2014 8:35 AM

Hi Mike!

My red Demolition Momentums have had clear brake pads since day one used on them and there is no wear. Granted I am brakeless at the moment (just for a change of pace), but I still rock the stoppers sometimes. So for ME, I have not had a brake wear issue with clear pads. I ran them on a Black Primo Balance 7000 series before the Red Demos.

Black Hard ano should hold up pretty well, I haven't heard much on the chrome side, mostly because no one around me rocks chrome anymore. (Brakeless kids)


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2/7/2014 8:41 AM

I guess I'm lucky in this case, as I don't care if my rims lose the finish on the side. I run both brakes so I guess that's a contributing factor, as I'd probably care more if one rim had no finish on the side but the other did.